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Former Pilots and Officials Call for New US UFO Probe

Former Pilots and Officials Call for New U.S. UFO Probe


Now is the time for all people who have seen or been contacted by UFO's in the last Century who are still alive to speak and write of their experiences so the whole world gets a clearer picture of what is really going on and not just 1st world propaganda to control information for (whose?) benefit.

In the interest of the ongoing survival of mankind I am sharing some of my experiences here.
It was 1974 in May or June. I was newly married and had moved to Mt. Shasta. I went to Bunny Flats for a hike as the mountain had been a very spiritual place and retreat for my family since before World War II and before I was born. There was a lot of snow that year and there was still at least 7 feet to 12 feet in drifts at Bunny Flats and above. I walked about 1 or 2 miles straight up through Bunny Flats and up through the Canyon. There was a crust on the snow so my boots didn't sink in past 6 to 8 inches so I could walk through the deep snow without sinking up to my knees every step.

On my way back down I noticed something strange that hadn't been there before when I walked up. There was a 25 to 30 foot diameter dish or bowl shaped hole in the snow. At first I thought a snowmobiler had just driven in a circle until he had made this shape but when I drew closer there were no snowmobile tracks within 100 yards of this shape. Next, I noticed something else strange. There was a green slime that looked like if one took antifreeze with thousands of droplets of black algae in it and sprayed it with a sprayer only on the topmost edge of the perfect bowl circle 25 to 30 feet in diameter. Next, there were three hemisphere set in a triangle in the perfect base of the bowl in the snow. It was as if one had a sphere 3 feet in diameter and pushed it into the snow three times leaving a perfect triangle of hemispheres in the snow. I stood there a long time trying to find an explanation that would fit. First, I searched for human tracks and found that my tracks were the only ones there. So at this point the only way this could have been made is if a helicopter carrying a template of this shape on a chain had dropped it from about 50 feet to make this perfect impact. Then someone would have had to spray the green and black slime in a perfect circle about 12 to 18 inches from the top of the bowl level with the ground. Since in the overcast conditions I was in this was very very unlikely I had to assume that a UFO had landed sometime between when I walked up the mountain and when I walked down. So I went down to town and got my wife and baby and a friend and drove them up and showed them what I had found. All were completely amazed and came to the same conclusion as I did. That the most likely thing that had happened was a ufo landing. We decided not to report what we had found as the government might think we were contactees and at that time such people were often disapeared by the government and were never heard from again.

But that wasn't the only experience I had. Next in the summer of 1992, I believe I was living in Mt. Shasta again. I was washing dishes in the kitchen of my home when I heard more than one double bladed helicopters blades breaking the sound barrier so I walked outside to see what all the noise was about. 3 double bladed military type helicopters like those used for hauling troops in Viet Nam were in a formation traveling overhead. As I watched them they suddenly stopped in midair and held formation. Then I noticed that traveling with them was the identical shape of what I had seen in 1974 in perfect formation with the three helicopters. I was so amazed at this whole thing that I tried not to blink at such a sight on a clear summer day with no clouds. As I watched the ufo and helicopters the ufo soundlessly suddenly disappeared. Now I really was
amazed even if I hadn't been before. As I stood there dumbfounded the three unmarked military grey helicopters flew off in the direction of Nevada and possibly Area 51. I watched them until they went out of sight in the direction of McCloud and Highway 89.

However, still this isn't the end of my story. There is something associated with UFO's that is called veiled memories. In other words memories associated with these experiences that had been technologically covered up revealed themseves I believe it was around June 2000 around the time of the year of my first experience in 1974 as if some part of my mind had unlocked. Here I'm recounting some of these memories.

"As I first walked up from my car I saw something in the clouds flashing. I thought it must be a rescue helicopter because this sort of thing happens on Mt. Shasta when climbers are rescued from time to time. However, the lighting was all wrong and there was no thumping helicopter sounds so I began to be afraid knowing something really strange might be happening. I felt both scared and amazed like only a child usually feels when the experience something completely new."

"When the thing landed snow flew in all directions the way a helicopter would when landing on snow if some were loose on top. I felt like a moth to a flame. I couldn't walk away so I walked up to it. My next experience was as if I was inside the ship but that wasn't logical because I was to big to stand up inside it. The next experience was that I was in some other place but it was different. There was a lot of green and purple on the land. There were trees but the air looked different. Instead of blue sky it was sort of violet or purple. I felt unsure and confused. Next, two humanoid figures under 6 feet 2 inches tall came up to me and started talking. This is what they said to me. "We are your parents reborn in the future. We have come from the year 7028 to help prevent a war on earth. You are going to help us." I said something like, "What are you talking about!" This was so unexpected that I was completely unprepared for this. They also asked me if I was going to hurt them. I told them that they had control of my mind and I was unable to harm them. It was like being a robot for a moment as I didn't have control of what I said to them about not harming them.

They then in 1974 put thoughts in my mind that made me scream of a war they wanted to prevent. I started to get hysterical because it wasn't just thoughts, I was experiencing the full horror of people dying in the way we did watching 9-11 on television only I had no way to filter the emotions or information. I wasn't allowed that. Since then this war has been prevented. If it had happened only parts of Europe were still inhabitable on earth without raditation poisoning. I believe on the other timeline the war happened sometime after 9-11 during the confusion of who was responsible. However, on this timeline the war didn't happen.

These unveiled memories allowed me to physically see these two beings, a man and a woman. They didn't have noses like we do. I realize now that noses eventually change from living indoors because noses were a biological adaptation to shed rain and if you aren't always out in the rain they become unnecessary in an evolutionary way.

The other thing that was odd about them was the way they laughed that sounded sort of like dolphins because they didn't have noses for resonation. When I first heard them laugh I thought they were choking. However, now I believe they were just nervous laughing the way people do in our era when in an unfamiliar area with different experiences. I now fully believe they were from the future. I cannot prove that they were or are reincarnations of my parents but since I had no one to protect me I let them believe that I believed they were as they said. I didn't really feel I had a lot of choices at that point.

They told me that the reason they had come to me was that I was a pivotal ancestor of theirs and that in addition to me helping them prevent this war they wanted to welcome me back into my family of descendants. I didn't always know how to respond to all this.

I had already been psychically gifted since birth so one of the things was that I have a sense of people telling the truth. I knew that they were like most humans in that what they said mainly resembled the truth. I also knew that there were things they weren't telling me which is also true of most humans. I felt they weren't going to kill or harm me so I was as open as I could be in creating my survival as well as the survival of all humans of my time and time line.

At one point the two started arguing. I asked what this was about because I was a little scared when they argued in front of me almost like parents. The male finally said, "We are trying to figure out if we can allow you to remember this." I said to him, "You should take away this memory until I'm old. I don't know if I can deal with this and all the other things that have happened in my life the last 5 years right now." The male looked "into" me and said, "You are very wise and mature for your age." I just said, "Thanks." I knew remembering all this right then could harm my life then as I was newly married and had a son and wanted to feel safe in raising my family. I was only 26.

The second experience in 1992 was different. This time when the US helicopters and the ufo came the same two humanoid beings came and said, "We need you to meet a great Galactic Leader." I said, "I'm no one on earth in this lifetime. I'm just an average citizen. I don't understand." They said, "It is not about who you are now. It is about who your soul is through multiple lifetimes. This leader considers you to be a relative of his." I knew there was something they weren't telling me and whatever it was scared me. They led me to a room and opened the door. (I don't know what was real at least in the sense of what you and I consider to be real. This could have been some kind of holographic setup like people here envision for the future).
As I walked through this door I saw a bright light. This bright light came toward me and I reached out my hand to shake hands in an earth greeting but then the bright light enveloped me and I passed out from sensory overload.

I remember asking this being, "Why did you eat me?" The Being said, "I didn't eat you. I just wanted to experience all your experiences in this lifetime since conception and birth." I said, "You did all that in a few moments?" The being said, "Yes! That is something my species is capable of." I said, "What are you?" This being said, "My species creates, builds and maintains galaxies." I said, "Are you a God?" At this, the being laughed and said, "I don't consider myself to be a God. However, many species in this and other Galaxies consider our species to be gods something like in the Greek Pantheon." I said, "Oh!" I felt I was so completely out of my league that I began to faint at this point. A chair seemed to appear out of nowhere for me to sit down.

Soon after this I think the being realized if he pursued this line of communication any longer I might start going into shock so he said we would talk another time.

When I went back to the male and female humanoids they said, "Are you ok?" I said, "I'm alive. I think I'll be ok." They seemed to laugh at my statement then the male said, "Many people don't survive in the presence of a Galactic Sentient Being like that." I said, "Oh!" I thought about this a moment and said, "That wasn't very nice not preparing me for that." He said, "We weren't given a choice regarding this." I said, "Oh." Soon after this experience I was watching the three helicopters and the UFO and then the UFO vanished.

After thinking about this for about 2 or 3 years I came to the conclusion that the UFO disappearing was a combination of both time and space travel.

I have had 33 years or more since my first experience and have had time to subliminally adjust somewhat to all the traumas and new information. However, this is the first time, likely, that you have been exposed to this information so I think I will be kind and just let you adjust to it for now.

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