Thursday, November 29, 2007

Saving Lives

Saving Lives. It is in my nature to save lives whenever I am able to by God's Grace. I was born with precognitive gifts. Precognitive literally means "seeing before". In my case it means I see danger, moments, days, weeks, years, centuries or longer before the danger arrives or occurs.After seeing danger sometimes I can do something about it and sometimes all I can do is pray for others who likely would not believe me even if I told them. I believe this ability was prayed for by me and received in other lifetimes and so I brought this ability into this life to save my life and as many others as possible. I have no doubt at all that I and many others are alive today because of this prayed for and received gift by the Grace of God.

The strangest and most difficult time of this gift was during the Loma Prieto Earthquake on October 17th, 1989. It did a lot of damage from San Francisco south to Watsonville and killed at least 50 people. However, my experience of it was very painful for me as I knew it was coming two weeks before. I took my family to Hana, Maui,Hawaii and watched it live on CNN cable there.

Before I left I told people it was coming. One of my friends, a childhood friend of my then wife's was told and her house was torn right in half during the earthquake. She was so traumatized by the event she hasn't spoken to me since. I had been in family student housing at UCSC when a few weeks before the earthquake I had a dream and the grim reaper came to me in a dream one night. The black shroud and the skeleton and the whole thing. The grim reaper held up two boney skeleton fingers right in front of my face. I woke up right after this and told my wife as I was shook up by this dream. Death had never come to me to tell me something before. I and my wife realized the two fingers meant that two of our family might die. My wife and I were both psychic so we cross checked and at first were not sure if it was going to be an earthquake or nuclear blast. Finally, we realized since there was no conflict going on between nuclear powers with the U.S. that it must be a bad earthquake coming. So to protect the lives of our family we got on a plane to Maui during the week we expected it and then when it happened we watched it on TV.

However, we paid a price for this protection of our children's lives. It cost us our marriage within 6 years. That was the price my wife and I paid to save the lives of 2 of our children. I think most parents would gladly pay such a price if their children lived. It wasn't easy but everyone lived and is still alive. The epicenter of the earthquake turned out to be only 6 miles from where we were living in family student housing at our University.

This was the most out on a limb I have gone to use my gifts to protect my family and children. The most out on a limb I have gone since then is that after I almost died in 1998 while I was in Stanford Medical waiting for an Angiogram and electrical Heart stimulation tests at Stanford Medical I realized that my fear of publishing my life story in legendary form from this lifetime and all relevant lifetimes as well as creating an ongoing journal that is now called a Blog was something that God wanted me to do. I believe my doing this regularly is one reason I am still alive.

I don't want people to build a religion or anything else around my book. I just want people to see it as a map into the future during the next 1,000,000 years of human evolution as we colonize thousands of planets during that time. First, we have to pull together as a human race to the point where we all work together better and then we will be accepted by the Galaxy better and other civilizations won't be so leery of us like now.

Arcane in "Memories" my online book I have already incarnated as. Flame, I have already incarnated as. Jonathan is me now and the flying cave yogi was me from around 1850 until around 1930 when I passed on. I was reborn in Nagasaki, Japan and died from the Nuclear blast there in 1945. I then was born in Seattle, Washington in 1948.

I also sense as a psychic that Star Wars was a past life of George Lucas. It is also told as a legendary truth. So there is a sense that both American Graffiti and Star Wars are biographies of his soul experiences, American Graffiti in this life and Star Wars in another. There are 11 memories gui buttons at the following index page.

Though the book is probably rated PG if you only view it as science fiction. But, for me, it is not science fiction it is past, present and future histories of the human race, at least as it has been my experience in multiple lifetimes. So, be careful if you choose to see it beyond science fiction. If you see it as a real experience then it is going to take you unbelievable places and one must always be prepared for that sort of thing so be careful.

The whole site I would rate PG-13 because I have done a lot of experimental writing. Since I became a conscious soul traveler through bi-location when I was about 22 it has changed my world paradigm a lot. I find it very practical to take angels with me if I soul travel otherwise I don't consider it safe enough. Also, I don't usually soul travel unless I have been given a mission by God. I've found it just isn't safe to soul travel on a lark. I almost died one time just being curious and soul traveling without a mission.

The online book "Memories" is as you will notice not fully edited. My wife has promised one day to edit it as she has an 3 degrees including an Master's in Business Administration in non-profit fund raising.

I do not consider myself to be a very good writer as I hate to edit and it shows. However, I do inherit being a good storyteller from my father and grandfather who were both storytellers before there was television to entertain people. I grew up listening to their anthropomorphizing animals. I believe this skill eventually became Disney cartoons and the like. My grandfather was born in the 1880's and his father was in the civil war. My grandfather grew up in Kansas but lived as an over 35 adult in Washington and Idaho mostly and died on his mining claim in Idaho in 1970. My father grew up in Washington and passed away on Yucca Mesa in California near Yucca Valley on his way to the hospital in an ambulance in August 1985.

That night I was working as a Fire Lookout for CDF. My father's brother, Tommy came to me at the lookout (he had passed on in 1942 in a plane crash). When Tommy came I was surprised as I hadn't seen him since I had been suicidal from 1969 until 1971. He came to me then to keep me alive. So when Tommy came into the Lookout at night I was very surprised to see him. Then I realized that he had come for Dad's soul and that he was letting me know like a good uncle should. He wanted me to call Dad and tell him that he was coming for my Dad. So I called Dad and Dad said, "Son. I don't feel very good. I don't want to talk now." So I said, "Dad. Tommy is coming for you. Look for your brother Tommy." Five hours later Mom called and said, "Freddie, your Dad's gone." I told her about Tommy and she wasn't surprised as she is gifted this way too.

I always have been grateful to Tommy for coming as it has given me great peace to know Dad was in good hands with family on the other side.

At 17 I decided that the most important thing I could do both for myself and all mankind was to become enlightened. So that is what I have been doing the last 40 plus years. Jobs have only been something I did to support myself and my family. But I have always seen my career throughout multiple lifetimes as becoming enlightened to bless not only myself but all beings and to help permanently end their suffering. So saving lives and helping people not commit suicide has been what I have really done with this life. As a result I am a part of great spiritual and financial wealth. If you remember nothing else, remember that all this came from just helping everyone that God sent to me to help for him. If you continue to help the people God sends you then similar things will happen in your lives!

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