Thursday, November 29, 2007

On Being Faithful

On Being Faithful. Being faithful to ones friends and lovers is mostly about self respect and integrity. If you can't be faithful then don't make commitments you will break. I found being faithful to any girlfriend very difficult and sometimes impossible from the time I was 21 in 1969 and stopped being a technical virgin(even though I spent nights with my 21 year old girlfriend when I was 16) until 1983 when I was 35. I was faithful to most of my girlfriends and even when I wasn't I told them as I was very 1960's and believed in total honesty even if it was after the fact.

I was faithful to my first wife for the four years we lived together. When we separated I didn't even date anyone for two years, first because I was a single Dad (of a 3 year old son) then and second I felt really upset by the breakup even though by then I realized there was no chance it could work. However, that didn't stop me from still loving my first wife even though I knew there was no way it could work.

By the way I have been faithful to my present wife since 1995 when we first married.

I recently counted up all the ladies in my life that I at least dated and kissed. I was surprised that there had been over 300 and less than 400 total. I also realized that there were 75 to 80 very intimate relationships and I also found this remarkable. However, I have always been more of a serial monogamist in that I preferred to date only one woman at a time. This not only prevents a lot of wear and tear and confusion and violence but it is also just practical.

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