Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spontaneous Accomplishment

Spontaneous Accomplishment.Compassionate Spontaneous Accomplishment is the goal of all naturally occurring Saintly beings in the Universe. A Naturally occurring Saintly Being would be defined in this case by: A being who has suffered and who has witnessed the suffering of countless other beings to the point where that being makes a vow to permanently end their suffering and the suffering of all sentient beings no matter how long that takes or how many lifetimes that may take.

Another name for such a being in the eastern traditions is a Bodhisattva. However, this type of being is known throughout the universe by an almost infinite number of names.

One of the ways such a being moves toward their goal is to seek the leisure to practice. Through diligence I reached my goal of leisure to practice in 1998 when I almost died of a heart virus. So after 10 years of leisure to practice I see it as a mixed blessing. One the one hand leisure to practice brings the time and money one needs to help people in amazing ways. On the other hand one has to deal with oneself in a way that one can usually escape from when bound to tasks like career and raising children and other family obligations. So even though in my case it has meant that I don't have to struggle for money through career I am still raising a daughter and also taking care of my wife and likewise they also take care of me.However, new problems arise in how to perceive myself and my life and my purpose. The big goal of ending the suffering of myself and as many others is on its way. But still I struggle with being as physically and mentally youthful as I am at 59. I have the health that most people when I grew up at least had lost by age 35 or 40. I still have better health than that at 59 so though it leads to many more possibilities it also takes me into uncharted territory.

What I presently believe is that those of us baby boomers around the world have an obligation to set new records for mental acuity and physical health. I believe we will shove up the possible age of good mental and physical health into the 100's during this century. I believe following generations might take it even further. So all you baby boomers let's all get very creative with our Spontaneous Accomplishment!

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