Monday, November 5, 2007

Losing Our Privacy(freedom)

Losing Our Privacy(freedom). I started noticing a change of words starting during the Viet Nam War. For example the word genocide or the uncontrolled murder of every man, woman and child of a specific ethnic group became: Ethnic Cleansing. Now the new buzzword is Privacy. No, I say the word is Freedom not privacy: The freedom to not have my identity stolen or misused. The freedom to say what I believe is true and happening. The freedom to assemble and to protest. However, all these FREEDOMS mean nothing without Freedom of the Press. I don't believe we have freedom of the press anymore. What we have is Corporate Speak. In other words we now have what multinational corporations want us to hear. For example, they don't want us to hear what they are really doing to the people of other countries in order to bring whatever we want to this country. They don't want us to know of what they are doing to this country to bring us the products that we want either. So we are no longer really CITIZENS anymore of any country we are ONLY CONSUMERS and consumers only deserve to be told what is in the best interests of multinational Corporations and all other corporations in the world.

At a recent meeting I went to in Santa Cruz regarding the pheromone spraying one lady was wearing a placard. On the back side of the placard it said, "Why does the pheromone spray Corporation have more rights than you?" I put the question differently. It is: "Why do the rights of each Corporation outweigh the rights of any individual or group? Secondly, why is no corporation accountable like a person would be for harm? Why can't CEO's be executed for murder just like death row inmates when they cause untold deaths throughout the world?"

The latest debacle of Freedoms is being done under the banner of Security. So next, if you travel to Europe now by plane the European Union needs to know not only where you live, your social security number, your children and how old they are, where they attend school but also your credit card number for each credit card you have and all your financial history etc.

Do you really believe that your credit will be protected given the number of countries and municipalities within the European Union? If you do, then you are just another fool.
Like P.T. Barnum once said, "A sucker is born every minute!"

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