Thursday, November 1, 2007

What It's Like to Be Precognitive Psychic

What It's Like to Be a Precognitive Psychic. I suppose the best example of what it's like would be it is like being a surfer waiting for the right wave. Only in this case it isn't a physical ocean wave. It is a wave of consciousness. So, the primary thing one does as an active and wise precognitive psychic is go about ones normal activities while keeping ones senses out for these waves. These waves of consciousness that indicate the future can come anytime 24 hours a day. As one gets more used to reading the signs one becomes more at ease with it. It is much like when one first learns to drive everything is scary and could mean death for you or someone else. But after 5 or 10 years of driving experience and developing good driving habits one is not afraid at all because one knows what to do with any situation one encounters. Being and experienced precognitive psychic is the same. Except as a psychic it is not the road it is every physical thing that will happen to you or anyone you know or know of anytime anywhere. So sometimes I will get information about the next 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 months, 10 years or even 10 centuries or 10,000 years. It is sort of all the same. It all begins with some inkling of something and then sensing that it is important enough to pursue for someone, some groups, or some nations, or our whole worlds survival. The next problem is that usually there is nothing much one can do if it involves large groups beyond one or two people close to you. So as psychic one must be very pragmatic and I have to pray for guidance in regard to most information I get. If I feel I have a 50% or better to help individuals or groups I will try to write about what I'm getting on my blog here or at my other website at Geocities that I have maintained since I almost died in 1999.

Whenever I write something I'm riding one of these waves of consciousness I was talking about. And each of you can tell how good the wave was by what you experience while reading what I wrote riding that particular wave of consciousness. These waves of consciousness are generated, I believe by all life in the universe. I, personally call the primary generator of these waves of consciousness, God. However, one here on earth can more easily tune into those waves more local in nature because they are more likely to be in this time and space and the reality that we inhabit the way we live in and inhabit it. However, I suppose there are some people who choose different waves to tune into but then wouldn't probably be able to write or talk about them because there would be no one who understood unless they rode those different waves of consciousness too. Mostly, people who ride these other types of waves are considered irrational by most of society.

However, the type of waves of consciousness that I ride are the same ones that Tribal Shamans, Gurus, and spiritual counselors have ridden as long as there have been humans on earth. So that would be for at least 40,000 years. The way I do it has been the way tribes of humans have survived calamities for at least these 40,000 years now.

I have refined my techniques by spending much of my 30's studying with native American Medicine men with 40,000 years lineage and with Tibetan Lamas with 2500 years of Buddhist lineage and another 38,500 years of Bonpo shamanic traditions. So the systems I use have been proven for thousands of years of survival without ANY electrical technology as a back up. And people have used these systems to survive in above 8000 feet conditions in the Himalayas as well as all conditions predating the colonization of America by Europe starting in the 1500's.

There is an ethnocentrism that is very extreme in Europe, America, China and Russia that exceeds most of the rest of the world. Ethnocentrism is defined as:evaluating other peoples and cultures according to the standards of one's own culture.

Though defining other cultures by the standards of ones own is the easy thing to do it is ALWAYS a mistake. Because no one can ever really understand another culture this way. One only can actually understand another culture if one is immersed in it. Only then does anyone have any right at all to judge that culture.

It is also my direct experience that all the waves of consciousness in the universe in all time and space could be called God. It is also my experience that the core of all this consciousness doesn't live in any one time or space but is able to move in an out of all times and spaces and so is capable of frequenting all beings in any moment or all moments. This is my core experience and why I choose to stay alive in a body rather than to self destruct. Long ago I decided I would only stay alive if their was some kind of permanent meaning to life as a human. Otherwise, what's the point? Ego gratification? I think that is just stupid. Pride? That is just so temporary.
Family? Now you are getting close to something worth staying alive for. Friends and family? Yes. That's the ticket. God and family and friends? Yes. Now life has some meaning.

So, now I find myself living my life and at the same time waiting and looking for the perfect waves of consciousness to ride. I find it a little harder at times now because I'm 59. However, I also notice I'm more of a master at finding the right waves so I'm much better at making the right decisions most of the time regarding the waves of consciousness that come.

So in refining your skill of being a precognitive psychic if you notice you have some of the natural abilities the most important thing to consider is that you can save yourself, your friends and relatives from death and maiming only some of the time. In the end if it is someone's time to go you won't be able to stop it. However, if the thing happening is optional, truly acciden.tal then sometimes you can save your friends and relatives from harm. So literally, the kinds of things we precognitive psychics can stop is literally accidental deaths and maimings. We can only stop the things that God didn't really intend to happen. That's the best way I can put it.

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