Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Most Intelligent Life form?

The Most Intelligent Life Form? For most of you this will be speculative science fiction. For me, as a precognitive psychic and conscious soul traveler since my 20's it is my direct experience. I do not expect you to believe any of this unless you to have experienced it like me. Otherwise, how could I call you a rational human being? Even for me, it is like speaking many languages of communication. If you speak more than one language you know that no language can actually be perfectly translated into any other except telepathically. However, things can be translated, if somewhat awkwardly, from language to language. Please excuse my awkwardness.

Among life forms in this galaxy that are equal to or superior to humans on earth there are thousands. The most intelligent beings live in the core of our galaxy in completely different space time continuums than we humans on earth do. However, most of these beings are so different than humans that the only way to properly communicate with them would be telepathy and from personal experience they consider beings like you and I very quaint and archaic and primal much like you and I would consider Bears, Deer, raccoons or even cockroaches.

Humans are honored most just for surviving when most more intelligent beings might suicide rather than stick things out. So we are thought of as the ultimate survivors among the species of intelligent beings that colonize worlds and systems on the edge of the Galaxy. So to the galactic core intelligent residents we would be the sand crabs at the edge of the ocean and they would be the sharks and whales and other stuff in the middle of the ocean or Galaxy. When there is a serious ice age on earth our civilization has to devolve sometimes back to the stone age from a space faring world culture. At these times they marvel that at least once every 25,000 years during an ice age that any humans survive at all. (Note:I did some research and the actual cycles of advance and decline of ice ages is 40,000 years to 100,000 years with the ending of the last considered to be 10,000 years ago.) So when we build up another technological society only to have it destroyed in the next Ice Age they are amazed how we never give up as a species. Yes. It is true that between ice ages when we invent space travel sometimes that some of us colonize new worlds with greater or lesser success there. But the most intelligent beings mostly just are amazed that humans and humanoids have found ways to survive on so many planets for several million years now.

Humans and humanoids have colonized planets all along the outside of the galaxy just like sand crabs live on the edges of many oceans. So in the end the quality we most represent to the safe and secure that live lives of millions of years or more is that we are a marvel in how we seem to survive anything.

Some of you might be discouraged by this. However, I view it differently. If all human civilizations on earth learn to join their knowledge and wisdom together better into a unified whole then maybe just maybe we will turn our world civilization into one that lasts through ice ages and other calamities and becomes a 1,000,000 year constant civilization that is prepared for anything.

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