Monday, November 12, 2007

For the Philanthropists:the xo computer

For the Philanthropists:the xo computer. From November 12th to November 26th 2007 you can donate a laptop to a child in a third world country and get one also for $399 plus any tax or shipping. The xo laptop computer has been developed to get a good online education to as many third world children as possible through your donations now.

Since one of my hobbies since I was 18 is electronic software and hardware of all kinds so I looked into this ones capabilities. It can be dropped from 10 feet and survive. It can work in 140 degrees farenheit. It can work with a hand crank or foot pedal as a power source. I have also heard it can be operated from a solar panel. It is an open source linux based flash drive based computer so it is also open sourced and can be programmed by the children to create other open source programming. Two good open source programs you may already use are Firefox and Wikipedia that are developed by people all around the world basically without pay and just for the good it does for all peoples.

It is capable of transmitting signals up to 1 1/2 miles to another xo computer and run in a series of signals through other xo's all the way back into the nearest city where hotspots may exist and connect to these hotspots through all the intermediary computers. The primary reason it was developed is to give children around the world in third world countries a leg up so to speak.

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