Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Right to Own a Handgun

The right to own a handgun. The following New York Times article about the supreme court getting involved in the right to own a handgun is very important to all of us.


I live in a very safe neighborhood. Many people do not. The law abiding citizens who live in very dangerous neighborhoods keep their neighborhoods safe just by being there with weapons. Most people who live in dangerous neighborhoods assume everyone has one or more weapons in their houses. That is a given. Without the right to have a handgun available for emergencies many law abiding citizens in that community would be forced to move to a safer community if they are to obey the law. So taking away the right to own a handgun is to give away hundreds if not thousands of neighborhoods in the U.S. to people who will not obey the law no matter what and whose lifestyle is based upon that. Taking away a person's right to own a gun and thereby protect themselves just by having it available only takes our country further down the road to ruin and anarchy.

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