Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rich and Poor

Rich and Poor. I was raised lower and the full middle class. So I psychologically don't fit into this category. However, since I now spend a lot of time around rich people I notice that rich and poor people tend to be mirror images of each other. Being poor is based upon fear and staying rich is also based upon fear. Most self made men or women start out very poor but with a good education they soon become rich. But the self made rich men and women also have a quality that is sort of like hollowed out like poor people also have sometimes. It is the most intelligent and most unhappy with being poor that become rich. But then they find that being rich doesn't make them happy. It just pays the bills, and feeds them. So if they were unhappy before then sometimes when they get rich and realize no much has changed they get really unhappy and sometimes suicidal.

So there is this quality of unhappiness that pervades not only the poor but the rich as well. In fact, there appears to be more of a chance of suicide in the rich than the poor because of this. When one is poor one is often angry. When one is rich it is less useful to be angry than when one is poor. Because if you are too angry then someone might sue you and take all your money. So staying rich is about being very very practical not angry. So once you make money if you don't study all the time of how to invest it and grow it and to create a diversified portfolio that covers all financial angles in a conservative way then you will slowly lose your fortune in a multiplicity of ways or if you are really ignorant in only one way.

But there is more to it than even this. When I was young and didn't like rich people because I thought ignorantly that they were inherently evil I didn't understand many things. The first thing is that without any rich people we would all starve to death pretty fast. It is rich people investing in and starting businesses that people need goods and services from that allows all of us rich and poor to have the lifestyle most of us have here in the Western World. Without it the lifestyle we all have wouldn't be possible.

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