Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lions for Lambs

Lions for Lambs. When I read a lot of the viewer reviews(?) for the movie "Lions for Lambs" I wondered if they had even seen the movie that I had. The movie is mostly about asking questions. 58,000 men died in Viet Nam because the right questions weren't asked at the appropriate time and so they died. The largest number of these men were exactly my age. At that time and now there is this, "My country right or wrong!" and "America love it or leave it!" attitude prevailing. However, thinking this way is only useful if our country is being decimated by bombs going off right now in our cities and we were all fighting for every inch of ground. That is not the case today.

As a Coastal Californian I actually question Authority no matter who the supposed Authority is. I don't believe something just because they say it in print or on TV. I especially don't believe 95% of what I see on Fox as I consider it a Republican infomercial 24 hours a day. So I know right off there simply is NO bipartisanship ever on Fox news. If I watch Fox news I know I will only get a conservative Republican opinion and slant on everything. Sometimes I watch Fox just because it is useful sometimes with some issues to be a little paranoid. And Fox is paranoid a lot in the way people were paranoid during and just after World War II. However, then after the hell they had been through at that time they had a right to be paranoid but not so much now.

The Title Lions for Lambs referred to the ineffective generals "the Lambs" on all sides of World War I who got literally millions of Lions "soldiers" killed for no reason but incompetence during world war I. It now refers to the totally incompetent way the Iraq war was handled from the beginning and of all the men and women killed because of the incompetence of their generals now. This situation is true for both sides as well now. Also, like World War I there is an incredible amount of war profiteering and corruption going on on both sides.

Then as now it is vitally important for people to keep their eyes open and to protect the lives of their children and not just to flush their children down a corrupt toilet of a presently corrupt Government. Wars always bring out both the worst and the best in people. The soldiers who went to this war have all been very brave and idealistic and noble. However, their leaders have completely failed them. If we don't question our supposed leaders then we fail not only our leaders but we fail our country, our children and our world.

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