Friday, November 9, 2007

Do Gods Die?

Do Gods Die? Someone must have hit a tree or power pole. It's raining outside this morning and the power went off. My 11 year old sort of freaked out a little because she couldn't go online on her computer and watch Japanese anime's with English subtitles on or play xbox 360 DOA so she she went to her room and got a battery powered lantern. I said, "We don't need that. Let's just open all the shutters and skylights. So we did that. Then since it is in the 50's out I said, "Let's build a fire in the fireplace." We would stay warm that way. After we got some wood for the fireplace from the woodshed she still hadn't adjusted to no electricity. It didn't affect me that way as I had lived on purpose without electricity for months at a time in my 20's and 30's using wood stoves and Aladdin kerosene lamps for heating and lighting my house or cabin. I even home schooled my 3 older kids who are now in their 30's now for for 4 years living without electricity for up to 6 months at a time. It was an eye opening and sometimes very fun experience at 4000 feet then on Mt. Shasta in our A-Frame.

However, today my 11 year old is having trouble even one morning without electricity so I kept redirecting her so she wouldn't freak out. Finally I said, "Why don't we go in the hot Tub. I think it's 104 degrees right now even though the electricity is off." A smile came to her face. Moments later she had her bikini and head wrap on with an umbrella to go into the outdoor hot tub spa. My wife was a little uncomfortable and said, "What about lightning?" (She had known me to sit in the Hot Tub during lightning storms as I get really physically and spiritually charged up in this way and because I'm precognitive I am in no danger if I am being aware at that moment. I said, "We haven't had any lightning here for years now since the weather has started changing except in the far distance. It isn't a problem." So she finally gave in to my calming spa idea for my daughter.

I soon got into my trunks and got into the spa with my daughter. She had recently found a wallpaper and screen saver for her IMAC of Ganesha, the Elephant God of India. Since I went to Japan, Thailand, Nepal and India for 4 months in 1985-86 I have seriously considered myself to be a literal Citizen of the Earth and a patriotic American combined so now I have two loyalties. I help as best I can God, self, family, friends, American and all life on Earth. For this to be useful I find it is best to be a cultural relativist which means believing that no culture is intrinsically better than any other while for me at least valuing my own culture because this is the one that spawned me and gave me a wonderful life.

Even though I know that she found this Ganesha wallpaper and screen saver because of one of the private schools she might go to next I didn't say anything about this.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Do Gods Die?" I thought about this and said, "Gods don't die but different people will name the same Gods different things." She gave me a funny look but that is what popped out of my mind and I realized it was what I most believe is true.

It got me to thinking about this. First of all so I don't offend any of you, comparative religion is a lifelong hobby of mine. As a young man in studying different religions I found that at core they all are just about exactly the same. The only differences really are the cultural nuances. Then if one studies the true historical experiences of the founders of the religions one finds it very unlikely that after 1000 years or more that the adherents to any religion actually follow the same ideas as the founder or if they do follow the same basic ideas the emphasis now is very very different. It is almost as if every generation reinvents their religion according to their own likes and dislikes. It would almost be better to name each religion after the foremost preacher of that religion today. Because it is usually no longer at all what the original founder was talking about or doing. However, the majority of people seem to be oblivious to this actual fact of life.

This is one reason I have no trouble at all of forming my own opinions and beliefs based upon all religions. Basically, what I do is to study all religions that interest me. First of all since I was raised a Christian Mystic I believe that "God is where you find Him, Her, the Being." The second belief of mine predicated on the first is: "If an ant is your guru, feed him (or her)."
My third belief is that: "The Spirit of the Law gives life while the letter of the law only kills!"

This third belief makes me frown upon fundamentalists of all religions because fundamentalism always eventually leads to killing. This is an inevitable result because fundamentalists ALWAYS spring from psychological and/or physical Child Abuse as children. Fundamentalism is a coping mechanism for dealing with psychological and/or physical Child Abuse. So it could be said that the primary cause of all wars on earth is psychological and physical child abuse.

Once any person understands this basic fact of life it is very freeing. It is then possible for all beings who understand this fact to become free thinkers. For me a free thinker only means that since that person has a personal relationship both with himself and hopefully God he or she will more likely become someone who benefits not only himself or herself but most or all others in a chain reaction of infinite good ways.

So I classify people in two basic ways. Either a person is mentally enslaved or an empowered free thinker. I can usually tell within less than 5 minutes of talking with any person which type of person I'm talking to. If a person is enslaved I will try to open them up to being a free thinker. If that is not possible I will still be kind to that person but feel a little sorry for them. Enslaved people have a lot to share still. They are doing the best they can and maybe some day they might become free thinkers too.

So I guess by now you can understand that I'm not interested in any fundamentalist ideas whether they be Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Jewish, scientific, atheistic or whatever. I'm interested only in what keeps the humans of earth alive and prospering for millions of years on earth and on out into space on other worlds. Though as a soul traveler I have been allowed by God to see some of the thousands of Group heavens and some of the millions or billions of individual heavens I feel my job is to help humans in bodies either remain in bodies or have bodies to incarnate into in a world that is still worth living in. By the way I found that heavens are classified by era, belief, friendship and family. It is sort of like on earth people visit different heavens according to interest and belief and move around somewhat while the more fundamentalist people usually stay in one heaven and don't move around so much. I tend to move around a lot in between lifetimes because I like to study different belief systems in different heavens. That's what is fun for me. I guess that since I'm such an old soul I get bored pretty fast because I have lived in so many lives and so many heavens. However, I do have a lot of friends all over both here and those passed over. What amazes me is how helpful friends and relatives become within about 1 year of their passing over. It just takes a little time to get used to being on the other side just like it does as a baby getting used to be in a human body.

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