Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Seeing the Future

Seeing the Future. I think we all do it to a greater or lesser degree. As we mature we sort of know that if you put, for example, a small child in a non child proofed house that both the child and the house are in danger of having multiple accidents.

I suppose what I and thousands to millions of people around the world do is a lot like this. Only our experiences are also intuitive and instinctual that we have also proven accurate to ourselves. When you see an acrobat do something completely amazing you don't ever expect to do like he or she does. Likewise, if you experience someone who has trained in other ways and is equally accurate in his or her ways of knowing, then after you see this person be accurate on multiple occasions you might just start to trust their senses. This is how it has been with me and my family and to a degree my friends over the years. If I really get something really strong it is usually going to happen unless I or someone else or some group of people changes the future.

What I'm experiencing lately could most accurately be described as a meltdown of lifeforms on earth. What I mean by this is that I and other gifted intuitives are all experiencing something very troubling. All life on earth is interconnected in almost an infinite amount of ways. So when any one species starts to go extinct(there are presently thousands going extinct as I write this) all of us are affected by this whether we know this or not.

I propose what is taking place is a change equal to when the great dinosaurs went extinct. The financial meltdowns on earth are only symptomatic of the death of species that we all feel in our gut if not when we are awake then when we are asleep and dreaming it all becomes too real to deny. So the fear that is engendered by both Global weather changes and extreme death of species is experienced by us all. Running away from this by taking calmative drugs and the like only makes us all live in denial and moves us all toward further insanity.

Like our ancestors in the past, the ones that survived faced their problems head on. Those that didn't usually didn't live very long or very happily. By facing the real problems on earth there is hope, otherwise there is only death, quicker than any of us expect.

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