Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sufis clash with Iranian Troops

Sufis Clash with Iranian Troops. If interested please read yahoo article at site listen below.

To understand just how serious this is in American Terms it would be like Protestants and Catholics killing Unitarians and Unity and Church of Religious Science members and then having the police come in and burn the Unitarian, Church of Religious Science and Unity church world headquarters down and then saying these people couldn't have a church anymore or practice their religion. I think this is a very very bad sign in terms of Fundamentalist Shia Paranoia in Iran.

Also, there are a lot of famous Sufis in the western world like Richard Burton, Elizabeth's Taylor's husband before he passed on for one.

If you don't understand the mystic's perspective it is one of constant personal divine revelation. The fundamentalist Shia leaders in Iran would consider Sufis a block to mentally controlling and enslaving enough Iranians for what they have planned. This, for me, is the scariest sign of things to come for me regarding Iran.

Also, mystics, whether they be Christian, Sufi, Hindu or whatever are just about the least likely to be violent of all religious people simply because a part of being a mystic is respecting divinity in each individual. For me, the most mystical statement is in Hindi which is "Namaste" phonetically pronounced naw-ma-stay which means: "I bow to the God within you!"

Since, a mystics point of view is recognizing the divinity not only within themselves but in all living beings everywhere, the last thing a mystic would be interested in would be killing God in the form of any other being. Yes, self defense is allowed by most mystics but organized mayhem goes against the grain of all mystics no matter the religion they are based in.

I think this is a bad sign because I see no reason at all for the Iranian government to do this to the Sufis unless they plan to declare martial law and to fight the western world to the death which the western world appears to think is only one of two alternatives. The other alternative appears to be a Soviet style detente between the Iranians and the Western World.

Iran is starting to remind me a little of the Third Reich in relation to freedom of religion. I'm not saying Amadinajad is Hitler, I'm saying what is happening in Iran is becoming so paranoid by the extremists in control that the average person is losing his basic freedoms there in a big way that the next step would be for a draft of all eligible Iranian men and women into the army who are young enough and strong enough. I would watch carefully over the next few months for this.

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