Saturday, November 17, 2007

Multiple Realities

Multiple Realities. In the worlds of men and women and children on earth there are basic cultural realities. If, while you are in those countries, you abide by those cultural norms you usually won't be harmed except by criminals. Those of you, for example, who have left your states or countries and visited other states or countries, have learned first hand that to act like you would at home some places might get you killed.

Not only is this true country to country and state to state within the U.S. but it is also true that people have a very wide version of realities that they actually live in part time or full time anywhere you go. I learned in the late 1960's and early 1970' by watching my college friends that it didn't matter what people thought was going on internally as long as they could somehow in their actions appear to resemble something normal. However, this was quite a surprise to me then as I didn't differentiate then that much between what one was saying and what was really going on inside that persons mind, spirit and emotions.

So, as a lifelong psychic I never look at what someone is saying. I always look at what vibes they are transmitting first. People can and will say almost anything but if you can't read what they are really feeling you could be in danger. Body language is also important to give each of us clues about what is going on internally in another person so we can protect ourselves or the other person from harming others or themselves.

We are viewed by other civilizations throughout the galaxy mostly as sort of the children in the book and movie "Lord of the Flies". So mostly we are not viewed here on earth as an adult civilization. If we can survive the next 2000 years or more without nuking our selves(or our planet like the asteroid belt) into oblivion we might just start to be taken more seriously. A good statement of how earth is seen would be what we used to be called by Asians in the 1800's. We were called in Europe and America "The Mechanical Barbarians". This would also be how we as a planet would be thought of. To most civilizations of the Galaxy we would remind them of all being about like the "Beowulf". In other words we would be considered quaint but Galactically uncivilized.

Herein lies our problem as the human race of earth as far as the Galaxy is concerned. In order to demonstrate our adulthood as a world culture we must demonstrate "peaceful Unity" as a planetary civilization. Since we can't do that yet really we would at best be considered a sort of schizophrenic adult or incompetent teenager, one of the two. This is not to denigrate either classification but to illustrate a good example of how earth is viewed as a world culture and how safe we are or are not considered to be.

Yes. There are always thousands to millions of non earth born beings on earth at any given moment. Most of them are monitored by agencies of 1st world government at some "above top secret" level. This level is like Area 51. If you you've seen any of this physically then you disappear permanently. I have no physical proof of what I'm saying. If I did I wouldn't be alive right now and able to write this for you to read.

I wonder sometimes whether Steve Fossett just landed his plane in area 51 and started exploring somewhere off of earth or in another time for the "Above top secret" types. This was my first reaction to his plane going missing in Nevada with what I know.

Since I am a precognitive psychic you can bet that if I'm writing something there is an above 51% chance it is true. Usually I only write in the 75% to 100% true range because I self monitor
to keep my factuality very high. It might be useful to understand that I use my psychic abilities to stay alive all the time, whether I'm driving a car, talking to a person, where I go, when I go, How I go and on what form of transportation I go. I am always monitoring so that I can be in the right place at the right time intuitively just like Jesus, Buddha and all the Saints. As a disciple of both Jesus and Buddha I practice compassion and spontaneous accomplishment just like they both taught us 24 hours a day if I'm able to. Every day I get a little better at this. So will you if you start right now!

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