Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Galactic Sentient Being

Galactic Sentient Being. For this article to make any sense at all it might be useful to read: The Real UFO Experiences,and also Former Pilots and officials call for new US UFO Probe. Otherwise if you didn't read those articles first then this one might not make any sense at all. However, to each his own.

In my last article I spoke of how I was sort of tricked into meeting the Galactic Sentient Leader who said to my friends from 7028 the he wanted to see me. I now believe the reason I survived this encounter is that somewhere in my past life memories I remembered this being. It would be like something that happened to you after you were first born. Like that. And then something triggers that memory and you find you can cope after all.

The other thing that allowed me to cope with this was that other teachers from earth(Gurus) had also mentioned that I would one day meet such a being and then become permanent. At the time I didn't really understand what this meant. However, now, I can best understand it in relation to the Vajrayana which speaks of such things. One becomes "Diamond or Permanent through ones vows to life. I suppose a good analogy would be honoring marriage vows or honoring priestly vows or honoring ahimsa vows of not killing anything except in self defense. So to become permanent one becomes "not transitory" one becomes "diamond" therefore one honors ones commitments to life and therefore becomes permanent. Both Jesus and Buddha are examples of two beings who became permanent through the honoring of their commitments to all life and by their 24 hour a day actions of compassion to all beings and for all beings.

Another thing that teachers spoke about was all the Buddhas and Bodhisatvas of the Ten directions and three times. At first this just sounded sort of like science fiction to me until I started piecing together what was actually being said. First Buddha spoke of thousands of planets or more and almost unlimited people and beings on these planets. So this either meant to me that Buddha had been a soul traveler like me and had actually seen a lot of these places like me or that he had had encounters with off world civilizations as they also tend to honor compassionate commitment beings who live truthfully and compassionately as much as is survivable in any situation.

Many off worlders (beings not born on earth) also tend to be both mentally and spiritually gifted, especially those that have the courage to travel the galaxies.

Also, The Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas of the Ten directions and the three times are all beings in the universe in our past, present or future that are compassionate and wise and are able to manifest their compassion in any space or time because of their understanding and attainment. I was accepted into this group alignment consciously in my thirties. At first I was terrified of the change for about a day or two and then I realized that I would never have any real reason to fear anything ever again. For the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Ten Directions and the three times are all the Buddhas, Christs, Angels and compassionate wise beings that have ever lived or live now or will ever live on earth or anywhere else in the Universe because once one experiences fully that time and space are temporary and that Compassion, Wisdom and Being are all there really is then if one experiences this 24 hours a day one is there!

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