Monday, November 26, 2007

Sincerity and Truth

Sincerity and Truth. I am sincere. Am I truthful? As far as I can tell. However, is truth subjective or objective or both? When I read most blogs here at blogspot and other places I get the feeling that people are sincere or at least feel that what they are doing is worthwhile to at least themselves. In the end it is less important who reads each blog. It just needs to be in some way important to the person who is writing or performing their blog.

Sincerity usually rings true. Truth is sometimes more difficult to discern both for the writer or player and for the reader or listener. If you want to test what truth is, just expose 10 or more people to any experience and then interview them about what they experienced. It will blow your mind how different all the reactions might be. This same problem is why witnesses to a crime or other event can get confused as to what actually happened. Usually, the most powerful and scary witness prevails as he or she scares the other witnesses into submission. It doesn't mean that he or she is correct. It just means that that usually becomes the accepted truth.

For example, young people were asking me recently about free love and wife swapping of the late 60's and early 70's. The most accurate thing I could say was that all the cliche's of that era have become a caricature and more of a cartoon about the era more than anything else. However, the truth was that most people were just responding to a whole lot of sexual repression for at least 100 years and were venting. That only worked until people started getting sexually transmitted diseases in greater numbers and AIDS started happening. Then everything ground to a halt. People under 30 years old today may never really understand what that era was all about because they didn't have to live through the Cuban Missile Crisis when people believed that humans were going to be nuked extinct or through Viet Nam where the government didn't listen to the people much like now when more that 65% of the people want the war over. Free love and wife swapping had more to do with the desperation of that era than anything else. People had no hope just like now because things were so crazy. I think 9-11-01 until now and ongoing are equally crazy to the Cuban Missile Crisis in I believe 1961
until Nixon left office in 1974. We had a relatively peaceful time between 1974 and 2001 when all hell broke loose once again. If the last time is any indication things won't settle down until around 2014.

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