Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Capitalist War and Global Climate Change

The Capitalist War and Global Warming.Violent wars of themselves are a thing of the past. Nuclear weapons made this a necessity. Violent wars like Iraq and Afghanistan are now sort of a trick to take attention away from the real war, The Worldwide Capitalist War going on around us. The players are mostly corporations and a few rich individuals, the casualties are all the common people not rich enough to become investors in these corporations. All those who aren't investors in corporations will eventually be left behind to starve and to die on the vine of Global Warming. I know this sounds cruel but so is this ongoing capitalist war and Global Climate Change.

Slowly, we are watching first hundreds dying in floods and droughts and then now thousands dying and soon millions I would say within 20 years. When will the people fight back? I think by the time earth's billions unite against the Capitalists it will be too late for both to survive what is coming. Of course I speak as a Precognitive psychic who has watched what he has seen come true so far at least 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time I have been able to change the future by preventing deaths by redirecting people out of danger both with or without their knowledge.

This capitalist war is not really about any one ideology even though some people might give lip service to one ideology or another. It is really about the consolidation of power through money. When is someone rich enough? For the richest, the answer is never. Even if there was only one dollar left on earth that wasn't theirs they would take it even if it meant everyone else would starve and die.

Capitalism isn't pretty and only a few of the very rich become philanthropists like Bill Gates. Even Bill Gates might not have become so philanthropic without his wife and daughter to introduce him to this kind of giving and the rewards of it.

We have passed the time when nation states and nationalism have the meaning they once did in the 19th and 20th centuries. Now, here in the 21st century there seems to be only one question: Are you rich or poor? To the rich the poor are to be written off whereas the rich are potential friends and investors. That is the cruel world we now live in. In some ways it was always like this. But now it has taken a meaner turn with global warming.

However, I see this new turn as extremely dangerous for everyone both rich and poor alike. Because the danger of no accountability of the rich only leads to a worldwide French revolution where the rich and leaders are systematically guillotined in public. Yes, I am being metaphorical but one must realize how close we are to this. It wouldn't take much right now anywhere on earth for this to begin in earnest. The likely start of this right now would be the disenfranchised in China. Those who aren't in the 300 million who have a standard of living like the United States and Europe. It is the 700 million to 800 million from whom everything has been taken and who have had to sacrifice everything for the 300 million who have a decent life. If it starts there it could then move to France and to all countries who have disenfranchised poor young people with or without an education.

Unless the rich watch their back and include more of the functional but disenfranchised I see a new French revolution coming not only in China and Europe but Globally. After all, the rich live in glass houses and the poor like to throw stones!

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