Thursday, November 15, 2007

Arcangel Michael and his Band

Arcangel Michael and his Band. My first memory that makes any sense to me took place when I was around 1 or 2 years old. I was being rocked to sleep at night sometime around Christmas in my Grandmother's (mother's mother) lap in a stuffed rocking chair of the kind they had in the 1940's. It had to be around 1950 around Christmas if I was 2 1/2. It would be 1949 if I was 1 1/2 years old. My grandmother (Nana) was singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing!" While she was singing, Arcangel Michael and his band of angels appeared in the room with us. They all smiled at me as if I was with them or a part of them. They all had shoulder length hair and no beards or facial hair. They all wore different colored armor up to their necks so the jeweled armor glistened from their inner light and power. Arcangel Michael had the lightest colored hair but there were angels of all colors of hair and eyes with him. All were male and seemed prepared for battle.

This experience because I was so young burned into my memory so intensely that I still remember this as if it happened yesterday. Since I'm not still a child with the clear senses of a child when I see an angel now I can't see their faces. I only see an oval of light. In Michael's case he manifests to me as a life size oval of blue light, especially if he is there to protect me from serious danger. This has happened several times in my life which has resulted in me still being alive and healthy now.

I had sort of a humorous experience when a friend just answered the phone. "Blue Angel" she said, "I laughed and said I had been writing something about Arcangel Michael and how he appears as a blue oval of light life size to me now. She said, "Oh. I was waiting for a call from my friend in Maui so we didn't stay on the line long. Anyway, I felt the need to write of Arcangel Michael and his band as the world just doesn't feel right somehow. Speaking of Arcangel Michael and his band and witnessing this to you increases his power to help not only me but you in these strange times on earth.

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