Sunday, November 4, 2007

Don't Spray Us by Air

Don't Spray Us By Air. One week or so they were spraying 30 million dollar homes and world class golf courses with moth pheromone spray by air. This week starting tonight they are spraying Santa Cruz to Salinas starting tonight at 8pm to 5 am. I'm writing this for all those being sprayed tonight through November 8th, 2007. Those of you around California in surrounding Counties will likely be sprayed just like us starting in the Spring of 2008.

Do I believe it is safe? No. I don't. I believe the pheromone itself might be relatively harmless. However, the propellant used causes asthma and breathing problems in humans just like it does to painters who use the same chemicals in their paint. My wife (who does not have asthma at all) got severe asthmatic bronchitis the day after the spraying here on the Monterey Coast. She also went the extra step to get a doctors letter verifying this and shared this with state agricultural representatives.

It is hard for me to take all this very seriously because it is obvious that people who are in charge are not using basic common sense. I can see the sense of giving individuals sprayers to spray their own homes and yard and trees. However, in spraying in this way one creates potential disaster situations for human health en masse.

For example when there is an ecoli outbreak this can usually be contained to a small segment of the population affected. However, when something unknown and untested on humans until we were sprayed in September and about 1 week ago nothing was known about the full consequences. After listening to the state and Federal Panel in Santa Cruz nothing will be known after any sprayings either because no REAL studies are expected to see if anyone is harmed.

When concerned citizens asked whether doctors letters and illnesses would be recognized, people on the panel said that local Departments of Health had to be notified in a specific sequence. This told the audience I was in that the people who would get ill would not be able to go through the proper channels to actually do anything about the spraying to get it to stop basically unless they had a doctorate in knowing what to do and even then it would be disregarded by the state and federal government.

The following is SCIENCE FICTION.

Imagine this! This spring 2008 or the following spring2009 or 2010 someone from state or federal government who is intelligent but without useful boundaries as a human being decides to conduct an experiment that hasn't exactly been authorized but "What the Hell!" what they don't know won't hurt them. Right?

So this person with a master's degree or doctorate but without useful social boundaries gets hold of some very specialized nanobots designed to be used within a moths body. He slips these nanobots into the lbam-f getting ready to be sprayed over heavily populated areas.They are specifically designed to connect to the moths visual processing centers. They get into the moths when they land on the pheromone laden plants. These nanobots are also designed to gravitate towards the reproductive organs of the moths to embed themselves in moth eggs to do the same thing again and again if possible. The master's degree or doctorate person has a wonderful time. he was well paid by those corporate researchers and some of these moths land and put very wealthy and influential people into positions of blackmail by these corporations. Federal Government heads are also compromised in this way and then vulnerable to blackmail as well. But this isn't the real nightmare scenario. The nanobots are faulty and begin to alter the moths dna structure to something they can relate to better. The moths mutate. The nanobots get the moths within 20 generations to become as big as cars. The moths don't last very long in this state but scare the hell out of a lot of people when the land on freeways. 100 car pile ups later
things are definitely out of control. Though this is a joke I'm also trying to get you to see how crazy it is using just common sense to spray densely populated areas with anything.

Next Science Fiction Scenario. Now this is reminiscent of 9-11 kind of thinking. In this science fiction scenario a terrorist looks at this whole situation. He thinks. Where can I get a job or bribe someone to put anthrax or nuclear waste into this pheromone spraying mix. Since most people don't think this way he get his nuclear water waste from a nuclear plant on board. One drop of this nuclear waste in one person's lungs left 2 years would kill that person. Next this is 2010 in the spring over Los Angeles County. All the planes have been loaded with the spray that came from the tampered with tanker truck full of lbam-f.

What do you think happens? Nothing, at first. The Spraying has occured over all of Los Angeles county for the Australian Light Brown Apple Moth. 14 million peoples homes have now been sprayed. An excited Caltech student in Pasadena takes a geiger counter reading on a drop of dew outside his lab and the Geiger counter screams off the charts. He gets his Professor and the Professor is horrified. He notifies the hazmat teams as he thinks some student has taken low level radioactive substances out of the lab. Hazmat teams arrive. However, when they try to find the edge of the radiation there is none except at the borders of Los Angeles county. Meanwhile people are showing up at hospitals and clinics with hair falling out, feeling weak and having difficulty breathing. Two years later 7 million people are dead. The other 7 million are ill. And you thought New Orleans after Katrina was bad?

End result. No one ever finds out (for sure!) that the lbam spray caused this calamity because the state could never have financial resources to be liable. The makers of lbam aren't liable because they didn't spray it they only made it. The security company isn't liable because they didn't spray it. The spraying company goes out of business along with the owners and makers of the planes. The average class action suit holder that is still alive gets 1 Dollar to 40 cents in compensation. Los Angeles can't be inhabited by anyone for 200 years or more if they don't want to die within 5 years. end of story. So much for common sense.

note: I'm adding this November 11th 2007 because of an article I found at

If you read the BBC article it says that people were arrested for dumping 20 tons of radioactive waste into a river. If highly radioactive material can be dumped into a river in Africa it is also available all around the world and easily attainable This makes spraying large populations by air in the United States extremely problematic and extremely dangerous. Where is common sense? More and more it is as if the whole world has a serious case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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