Wednesday, November 14, 2007


7028. The first time I saw them(the friends from the future year 7028 that claimed to be reincarnations of my parents) it was 1969 not 1974. However, in this situation they appeared as silvery ghosts through some kind of technology I have never heard of then or now unless it was some kind of holographic projection. At the time in late 1969 I had been excommunicated from the church I was raised as a child in and had broken up with my girlfriend ( who I had planned the next 20 years or more around) who also wasn't allowed by the church to speak to me ever again as well as thousands of friends around the world. At the time I didn't see much point to staying alive and was communicating with God through prayer that I felt it was time for me to die.

Right about the time when I was considering how to disconnect myself from my body permanently the male and female future beings appeared. What they said to me is that I could not take my life because something I would do in this lifetime would be pivotal to the survival of mankind and life on earth. I had no reason to disbelieve them at the time. I said that I would live on on behalf of the survival of life on earth even though I might never have a desire to live for myself ever again. I took this vow seriously and have ever since. They also said I might have to live far beyond the normal span of years to accomplish this task. Though I didn't know what to make of this I agreed to this as well.

Within one year of this time I took a course in cultural Anthropology in college and found that the definition of shaman is one that lives between worlds because psychologically that one has already died but their body lives on for God's purposes. This has been my experience. At one point I saw myself as the Ghost who walks. After that I saw myself as father and husband. Now I see myself as householder yogi, father and husband.

Since then I have had no fear of death because I have already died. I live only by the Grace of God for his purposes. So I live for my children, my wife, my friends and my family of all life on earth and beyond. This is what keeps me still in a body on earth.

The two silvery beings that returned this time with a time space ship that looked like a saucer shaped ufo about 25 to 30 feet in diameter have always been an anomaly to me. If you were driving down the road and you came upon a bear in the middle of the road you likely would stop until the bear moved. My experience with them would be a lot like that. (By the way I have had this kind of experience with a bear too.)

To have these kinds of experiences one has to respect the power of the other to come away from the experience successfully and alive. This is not just a fairy tale I'm making up it is my life experience. I'm not really asking you to believe me I'm mostly asking you to entertain the possibility of what I'm saying. To demand that you believe me might only traumatize you and unless you have had this experience too your reaction might be unnecessary to your survival as a being in a body. However, to deny the possibility that what I'm saying is true is to render oneself incapable of necessary survival adaptations in case what I'm saying is true!

It would be like denying that the bear is in the road and getting out of the car to take a pee and have the Grizzly slice you in two with its paw and claws because you are walking on his turf.

I write what I write so that you and your children can survive in a real world and not the fake one we are told to believe in now. We are all like the Hawaiians when Captain Cook first came to Hawaii. The Kahunas (Government intelligence officials) tell us that if we believe in UFOs we will be ridiculed and lose our jobs and livelihoods and families. So we hide our heads in the sand collectively and buy into complete bullshit in order to keep our jobs and families. Well, I'm sorry just because you don't believe in them both UFO's and Grizzlies are real and to deny their existence doesn't mean they aren't here right now.

There are two Men In Black movies with Will Smith in one of the leads. I propose to you that even though the movie is very humorous it is really the way things actually are.

This is my experience. You don't have to agree with me unless this is your experience too. If this is your experience and you live in denial of it then you have some pretty serious mental issues. Each of our survival is predicated upon being pragmatic enough to deal with whatever comes in our lives. To deny the possibility of something simply prevents one from coping when that possibility walks up and shakes your hand or cuts you in two in the case of the Grizzly.

So my approach to life is that if a ufo or in my case future humans from 7000+ AD come and say "Hi!" I have to entertain the possibility that what I'm experiencing is real. It does not deny the fact that I also live in the 21st century in the United States. It does however mean that I don't just bring these facts up anytime. I only write here about my experiences because I'm disgusted with the human race for being ostriches with their heads in the sand while they are stalked by lions. Whether these are lions or bears or aliens it doesn't matter. If we want to survive as humans we have to be ready for anything just like our ancestors were in the wild west of the 1800's here in America.

Feeling safe is always an option. However, actually being safe might not have ever been a real option since there have been humans on earth. To deny that life is dangerous is to just be another ostrich with your head in the sand. Life has always been dangerous and always will be. Denying this basic fact only leads to all our premature deaths.

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