Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Better Quality Life

Creating a Better Quality Life. My primary intention in writing at this website is to help you create a better quality life. If you have a better quality life the tendency would be for you to help others have a better quality life as well. Part of how this is accomplished is seeing far enough into the future to get out of the way of as many "train wrecks" as possible. By a train wreck I mean mainly wars and severe weather catastrophes. And then there are smaller train wrecks like bridges collapsing, car, truck and boating accidents and plane crashes.

It is a very odd thing but I find that I can ask any vehicle or plane about what is going to happen and they will tell me. This ability seems to run in my family as my grandfather, my father, my uncle and I have had this ability. My reasoning is that all physical beings as well as inanimate objects have intelligence. It may not be the physically verbal kind of intelligence that one expects from a human but almost anything can tell you things you need to know telepathically. This is how shamans and Tribal Spiritual leaders throughout the world kept their tribes alive through calamities. Learning this ability will help you and your families survive any calamities that might befall you and yours.

In the old days I would look forward through time anytime I got in my car or truck before I set out on a drive of more than 20 miles. If I saw something that could result in an accident it took the form of a steel plate 2 inches thick vertial about 10 feet high where the problem would occur on the highway in my mind. I would then visualize an acetylene blow torch and would burn a hole big enough for my vehicle to safely get through. However, 20 years later I found it was just more efficient to leave 5 minutes later. This took less effort and accomplished the same safe end and kept me and my family from having an accident at all. Learning to do this might save your life, your friends and your family.

I have done the same thing with dangerous people my whole life. Whenever it was possible I can sense dangerous people up to 10 miles away. I can increase this to 100 or 1000 miles but this isn't practical in the world we now live. Mostly now if I sense someone on the other side of the road who has maiming or fatal intentions I move away from the person while seriously praying for them not to cause harm to other less aware people.

Whenever I pass any road kill of an animal I pray for that animal to go to a pure land, a heaven. Many times such animals thank me in my spirit for praying for them. I do the same for humans I have come upon that are suffering or dying for whatever reason. I find this is just compassionate and right mindful wisdom to move in this way. No matter the size of the life form I find it better to function in this way. Even spiders that I usher out of my house for scaring my family thank me in this way for not killing them. They often act as guardians outside my house protecting me and my family and friends from mosquitoes and the like.

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