Thursday, November 29, 2007


Mahasiddha. Please forgive my ignorance if you are reading this from a culture that has much more knowledge about Mahasiddhas than I do here in the U.S. The word Maha I was told while I was in India for 4 months in 1985&6 means "King" or "Supreme". The word siddha means "magic user". In western terms I guess a siddha might be someone a lot like people believe the legendary "Merlin" was. There are even circles of thought especially in the United States and Europe that Merlin might have actually been Padmasambhava since they were incarnated around the same time and since both were described with a "pink" complexion like European peoples even though Padmasambhava is reported to have originally come from Afghanistan. This might have been a story Merlin made up to throw off people from guessing he was really from England. It is also my present belief that Jesus likely studied sometime between ages 15 and 30 with one or more Mahasiddhas in the vicinity of Nalanda University in India as this was the foremost place on earth at that time to learn about compassion and forgiveness.

And here we have probably one of the most famous Mahasiddhas, Padmasambhava which literally means "born from a lotus" or "lotus born".Padmansambhava is considered by most to be the father of Tibetan Buddhism. He allowed the local shamanic religions of Tibet to meld with Buddhist ideas and philosophy which is now called Tibetan Buddhism and headed by the Dalai Lama. At times I myself have wondered since my childhood spiritual teacher's spiritual name was "Lotus", was I "born from a lotus" and since I was born in old Oregon territory in Seattle was I lotus born in the land of Orygen as Padmasambhava is expected to have been born. Then if you include time travel and other supernatural acts that Mahasiddhas like Padmasambhava, Jesus, Krishna,Tilopa, Merlin?, and others like the Legendary Saint Germain(the man who never died of Europe sometimes called the Count de Saint Germain, Prince Ragocy of Transylvania etc)are purported to accomplish all the time then there become far too many questions and very few solid answers.

However, to embark on the path of a compassionate siddha I believe is a remarkable goal. To attain Mahasiddhahood like Jesus and Buddha makes the lives of all humans here on earth and beyond worth living. This, to me, is the most worthwhile goal of any human being on earth!
To become a mahasiddha is my goal too. In order to accomplish this goal I have embraced both the mahayana and the Vajrayana with sucess! However, since one must be very serious and steadfast in these endeavors such goals should never be approached lightly without supreme commitment. Such endeavors should be approached like marriages used to be approached. Marriages in past centuries took very seriously, "Till death do us part"! And since Mahasiddhas live reincarnation they keep right on going until they get it Right!

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