Friday, November 16, 2007

The Ups and Downs of ESP

The Ups and Downs of ESP and other assorted abilities. I'm sure most of us who are adults have met people that were just so intelligent that they might just be so preoccupied with their intellectual thoughts that they would walk in front of a bus and then would be gone unless there was someone more present in the physical around them. Then there is the type that is just so very co-ordinated and physical that they are so in their bodies that they take larger and larger risks to see what the limits of their physical abilities are. I have known people like this and they are lucky to live to 20 or 30 years of age. I count myself lucky as my abilities have always been fairly well integrated into me. I have always been physical and jumping off of roofs and the like as a child. In fact, I found out from a podiatrist when she x-rayed my feet that I have hundreds of micro fractures that I got as a kid jumping off 1 story or higher buildings on a dare with my friends.

Also, I used to jump my motorcycle so that the rear wheel was 8 feet off the ground so you must land perfectly every time not to crash. So I guess you could say I have always been a risk taker in this sense. But along with this I was always given common sense to know when to stop to keep body and mind together in the physical.

The most useful tool for me personally is to as much as possible go walk alone or with my dogs in a forest at least 1 mile from the nearest person. This allows me to relax my aura and to become at one with the forest.

If I'm around people I try to create harmony so no verbal or physical fights break out. I do this with my aura as this is a very strong but silent ability. So if I'm close enough to people I'm always doing this. It is a way to protect all beings from unnecessary harm.

Sometimes, I must be even more focused to prevent physical or psychic harm to myself or others. I have learned from Tibetan Teachers how to keep others from gaining bad karma in trying to harm me or others either psychically or physically. However, sometimes people are just exploding with misdirected anger and I have no choice but to put up a forcefield and instantly return their karma. The usual result is that they have to "eat" what they are sending out. There are many reactions to this. One, is to be afraid and walk away. Two, is to realize the harm they were doing and stop. I think you can imagine for yourself what karmic return does in more serious situations. But remember always that people are only getting what they are dishing out so as a soul they are learning "As you sow so shall ye reap".

So, no matter what set of abilities you were born with it is most important to become both integrated and comfortable with these abilities. Learning to love yourself and to accept both your abilities individually and collectively is vital to your survival both physically and mentally long term. People may come and go throughout your life but if you can't be your best friend and love and accept yourself then you will be miserable. That is a given for all of us.

The first rule to be able to love and accept yourself for life is: Don't ever do anything you can't live with for a lifetime knowing that you did it.( Otherwise, if you do something you can't live with you might injure or kill yourself eventually.)

There is a Tibetan statement and truism that I would like to share with you, "Be kind to all Beings because friends sometimes become enemies and enemies sometimes become friends."
I have found that over 20 to 30 years or more this is very true. Sometimes your best friend or lover has a problem with you or themselves and you have to live without them the rest of your life and other times people or nations that were once your enemy become your friends, sometimes your best friends.

The development of any of our abilities is usually based upon the need of the moment. So, no matter what your abilities the ones that you will tend to develop the most no matter what your abilities are will be the ones you most need in any given moment of your life.

So, because of this there will be many abilities that one will overlook because the need of using or even knowing about this ability might never arise unless there is some kind of emergency and out of complete desperation you find out about this ability. So, unfortunately, the only way to know your full abilities and capacities is to put yourself in some kind of danger like in traveling to another country, area or state. It is important, however, not to do these things lightly in an unprepared way otherwise instead of opening up your awareness to your full abilities you could destroy yourself permanently. So always be mindful of the risks of whatever you are planning to do.

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