Saturday, November 17, 2007


Beowulf. I went to see the new Beowulf movie last night with a friend and my daughter. My daughter, being 11 had to hide her eyes through many parts of this movie as it is very intense in a historic Danish Viking kind of way. Since the legend takes place in the 500's AD Christianity is just beginning to reach ancient Denmark.

I thought the movie was excellent I would give the historic legendary dialogue an A and an A for the actors voices. I was thrilled at how well they depicted the way people thought back then and could see the logic of it given the times they lived in.

However, the graphics were strange and surrealistic and beautiful; sometimes believable and sometimes not like a computer video game. Every person was enhanced including Angelina Jolie's body to the point where I don't think they would have gotten a pg13 if it wasn't considered an animation. So on many levels it is very adult and primal in every way and in a very ancient way one doesn't often see in the western civilized world at present.

Overall, I found it to be completely amazing from beginning to end. I would recommend the movie to anyone interested in this period of time that has a strong stomach for blood and guts and directness of the Viking times. Nothing is subtle about this movie that was also a sign of those times when people usually didn't live much beyond 40 or 50 unless they were of very strong stock.

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