Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why does the world have more confidence in Putin than Trump

Trump is a liar. Whatever you say about Putin he stays consistent and Trump is all over the place with Lies.

Is it true Putin is lying about what he has done to the U.S.?

Of course.

But, Putin is a more consistent liar like a KGB Agent or someone who used to be the head of the KGB.

In other words "Trump is a fool but Putin is REALLY REALLY Dangerous!

So, since the world knows that Trump is "Putin's Bitch" they don't think much of Trump as a direct result.

I was talking to someone recently who was attending college at a Russian University and they said that "Everyone in Russia told them that America was the last hope of the world."

Everyone in the world knows they cannot speak what they really think "Like I do here in the U.S." unless they want to just disappear like people do in Russia and China. Even in places like England you don't have much freedom to speak your mind anymore for a variety of reasons. So, the cradle of Freedom and Reason that England used to be is no more.

And under Trump "The Cradle of Freedom" of the U.S. is no more either, especially With Trump calling actual news "Fake News" all the time like a spoiled little boy who tells everyone, "You cannot use my football unless I am captain of the football team" and "I make all the rules because you have no freedoms at all to think anything!"

But, then again no one is listening to Trump at all on the west coast because we all think he is a complete idiot and the death of democracy itself. So, people here don't even see him as their president at all but instead see him as a criminal like Al Capone the Mafia head.

There is no reason at all to Trust Trump regarding anything anymore than you would trust a molester of little girls (Trump being the ultimate misogynist molester of single and married women of any age!)

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