Thursday, June 29, 2017

Do UFOs exist?

Yes. Of course.

However, the governments of developed nations especially have extreme motivation to misdirect the general public.


Because the propulsion devices that run many of these UFOs is something that travels both time and space at the same time which is why you sometimes see UFOs making right angle turns at 3000 to 5000 to 7000 miles per hour which would kill anyone making a right angle turn at that speed unless you have time space displacement to manage the centrifugal force which would kill human or other occupants otherwise.

So, there are several methods of Misdirection directed at the general public by developed nations that have relationships with UFOS from other planets or dimensions or from the future or past of the Earth.

My personal experiences with all this are around Time Space vehicles from the future and these experiences mostly took place on Mt. Shasta in that area (at least to begin with). They told me that they needed my help to create a 2nd timeline in order to uncreate the 5 billion or more people that died within a month of 9-11 on the first timeline.

At the time, I didn't really fully understand what actually was going on because my first experience like this was in 1974 around this time of year and I asked at that time that my memories be veiled until I was older because I was newly married and had a son and knew I just couldn't handle any more changes right then to my life than I was already experiencing. The two ( a male and a female) Ragna and Elohar) from the future of the 1st timeline agreed with me. They seemed to respect me because I have always been a very pragmatic and practical person who is capable of being methodical and efficient at whatever I attempt to do including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual survival in unusual circumstances.

But, over the years since then I have realized that when I soul traveled to the Galactic Core and met the present leader of the Galaxy "The Galactic Sentience" this actually was how he was preventing nuclear holocaust on Earth because it happened on the first time on 9-11-01. So, since I asked him not to allow Earth to Nuke out in 1970 when I visited him through Soul Travel to the Galactic Core this was a part of his solution even though it didn't make sense to me at the time.

The Galactic Sentience is also a very practical being much like myself and so over time I began to understand all this. Even though, at the time, it was sort of like "What?"

Because as a human being usually we have to understand only one dimension at a time to our lives whereas the universe can come at you from all directions and times all at once and then what are you going to do?

Like myself, if you can stay alive for all of it it might take you a lifetime to process all this information too so it makes any sense at all to you.

It's sort of like getting a Doctorate in "The way things really are in the universe!" as opposed to human fantasies of what is going on.

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