Thursday, June 29, 2017

Truth is much stranger than fiction

If you live long enough you will see the truth of this.

If you are over 50 is your life anything like you expected it to be "Good or Bad" when you were 15?

My life is unlike anything I could have imagined at 15 at all. And what prepared me for my actual like the most?

Likely watching Leonard Nemoy and William Shatner in Star Trek in the 1960s on TV and the Flower power movement starting in 1965.

I remember at age 5 having a deja vu about all these long haired men and women and wondering what that was all about. Well, I met them all at San Diego State University at the Aztec Center in an Experimental College Class called Universal Awareness almost 20 years later likely around 1970 or 1971 around there. It was with this group that I put the final touches on learning to see auras and to soul travel. And I learned to soul travel while listening to OM by the Moody Blues. It was only a few steps from there to God showing me by having me walk outside my body and scaring me half to death when my arm went through the bathroom wall when I tried to turn the light switch on to show me I was not in my body like I thought I was. Though I almost died right then from shock, over the next two months God showed me how to Bi-locate and a new paradigm in life began for me in earnest.

I had read about people doing these sorts of things before so I knew I wasn't alone in these things. However, there is definitely a paradigm shift of the kind when you first solo while flying an airplane (I have done this several times alone in a plane) and when you drive a car with no one there to coach you anymore, (most of us have done this now since we were 16 or younger. When I was 16 it was 1964.

So, Truth is way stranger than fiction in almost every case for everyone if you live long enough.

Could you ever have believed the Viet nam War, Kennedy being assassinated? Bobby and Martin luther king being Assassinated? Nixon and watergate and then him resigning, 9-11 or all the other to crazy for words things that have happened?

Then just look at all our lives: could you ever in a million years have guessed what has happened to you over the years?

Nope. Me neither.

Like I said: Truth is way stranger than any fiction you or I might try to write.

This is just life: C'est la Vie!

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