Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meeting God is the single most terrifying experience i have l ever had!


Because this is just how it is.

Many people tell me about flowers and trees and love and all that.

Well. You aren't talking about meeting God you are talking about meeting fairies and angels who can be more mellow at times.

But, if you are talking about meeting God in person this is likely the most terrifying thing you will ever experience in your entire life (and that's if you even survive it).

Let me tell you my experience with God.

I grew up with my parents being two Mystical Christian Ministers of a church in Downtown Los Angeles. When I was 6 we moved from El Cajon near San Diego to Tujunga which is up against the Coastal range and the Angeles National Forest which goes up to about 9000 feet there near Los Angeles.

Then we moved to Glendale when I was 8. My parents were in charge of their church until I was 12 and my mother's father died and she had a nervous breakdown because she had issues with him that she hadn't resolved.

But, my experience of God was all flowers and trees and love, except for all the crazy religious people I met along the way. So, by age 9 I had decided for myself that all religious people were completely crazy and I was moving away from religion completely.


God had other plans for me than that.

So, I fell off a boulder one day and hit the back of my head and likely got a concussion when I fell backwards 8 feet upon the back of my head. My father didn't take me to a doctor ever because he didn't really even believe in doctors much then in 1956 when I was 8 or 9 years old. So, I had a headache for several days after throwing up a lot and then at 10 I started my newspaper route where I delivered newspapers (the Glendale News Press) from my bicycle. One day I came home and woke up with my head in my mother's arms on the floor. She said I had had a bad dream. This was the beginning of me meeting God in actuality and not just in a book.

So, I began having seizures every few months usually around 6 months at night when I was asleep. They got worse and worse Until I thought likely I was going to die from one of these seizures caused by hitting my head while falling off a boulder I was climbing on.

Eventually, I had a really really bad seizure and as I ran for my parents room in the middle of the night the door to my room was ajar and I smashed my nose on the end of the door which drove me completely unconscious and I woke up about an hour later with a pool of blood around my head completely traumatized from not only a seizure by also from a broken nose as well.

About that time my father said to me, "You've got to get some religion under your belt Freddie, or you are going to die!"

I actually agreed with him at that point. So, I started to get religion. (his religion) and I went about 3 to 4 times to church every week after that until my very last seizure.

This time I invoked God to come live in my body with me.

At this point EVERYTHING changed in my life. I never had another seizure. My appearance completely changed and girls started chasing me around. This confused me because I knew they wanted to be with God who now lived in my body with me at first.

But, let me tell you meeting God and then inviting God to come into your body to live with you is not something everyone can survive doing. I was pretty nervous of what I was experiencing until I was about 30 or so and got used to it all more.

Because it is sort of like being one of the prophets in the Old Testament. It isn't all sweetness and joy it is pretty scary supernaturally some of the time until you get used to it.

When God takes over your life and works through you almost anything can and will happen 24 hours a day. So, you are going to witness things you never thought possible in any given moment when you least expect it.

But, then again God takes really good care of you and you don't die and you rise often from the dead like Lazarus like I have many times already.

So, when God takes over your life almost any Good thing is possible Too.

By God's Grace

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