Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Consciousness Creates Reality

IF you understand this you are empowered. IF you don't often you are a victim throughout your life.

We live in a universe that is God's literal imagination in action.

We think that everything is solid but it is not.

If you imagine a programmer programming a video game this is God and how he creates the universe.

IF you imagine a person creating a game called "The Physical Universe" with all the rules the physical universe has both in the matter realm, the anti-matter realms and in the 96% of the known or unknown universe known as "Dark matter" or more realistically "Unknown matter", this is all God's imagination in action.

It is not physical really. It is not even ultimately real. It is only conditionally real.

Why does the physical universe exist?

Because God wills it to exist.

Why do we believe the physical universe exists?

Because God wants us to believe that it is real in order to learn Free Will.

Why does God want us to learn Free Will?

So, we can be Master Angels who are like the Archangels so we can work as his representatives throughout the universe doing his work. So, he doesn't have to tell us every single thing to think because we know and we understand. We are all being trained as God's representatives here in this So Called Physical world that is not really physical at all but ONLY appears to be.

Consciousness CREATES Reality.

God Consciousness CREATES God's realities.

Everything else in the end has no meaning at all.

Time and Space has no meaning except in the power that we give it to have.

Know the Truth and the Truth will Set you FREE!

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