Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Is the Galactic Sentience the god of our Galaxy?

He doesn't seem to think so. When I spoke to him about it when God allowed me to begin consciously Soul Traveling around 1970 when I went through the paradigm shift of realizing through real experiences that my soul was real and immortal in a scientific way. Sort of as real as you walking out your front door and into the light of a sunny day, I eventually used soul travel to go to Venus (after getting bored exploring earth outside my body). So, I realized I wouldn't have to breathe in space because I wasn't taking my body with me so I went first up through the atmosphere and to Venus where I found other souls who once had had physical bodies when the sun was cooler likely 100 million years ago or so. They liked being on Venus as souls so they could stay there in there soul bodies in cities because it was possible for them to do this still. They told me to go into the Sun to get to "God" in the center of the Galaxy. So, I went into the Sun and the plasma beings there (who have the same kind of souls as we on earth, on Venus and in the sun and throughout our galaxy) sent me through some sort of portal in the Sun to the Center of the Galaxy where "GOD" lives.

However, this wasn't a God that we expect as Christians or mystical Christians at all.

IF this was God (and he doesn't see himself as a God. He sees himself as a mostly immortal species the kind that built and maintain Galaxies like Farms for millions and billions of years time. IN fact, his normal state isn't even in Time and Space even though he can live in matter with time and space and also in Anti-matter with whatever is there and also in Dark Matter (which is where his species came from) which 96% of the universe is composed of.

So, when I was sent to meet God, the only God that the people on Venus knew about that was a scientifically real thing and the only being that the Souls in Plasma bodies in the Sun knew about scientifically was the species that the Galactic Sentience is the present leader of who lives near the Black Hole in the Center of the Galaxy.

But, when I finally got to meet the present Galactic Sentience he told me at the time (around 1970) that I was an incarnation of his Grandfather who had created this galaxy (along with his wife) so they could have a better place to raise their family which they did.

So, when I asked him if he was a God, he said that he didn't consider himself to be a God and only as a leader of a species that creates galaxies and his grandfather of whom I was one of millions of incarnations of throughout the past, present and future of this Galaxy was more into being more of a spiritual being like a Grandfather to all beings whereas he saw himself as more of a strategist. He said he missed me since I had "Gone to Sleep" to take millions of incarnations as humans and other beings as a way to "regenerate" towards immortality as a creator.

At the time I was sort of like a 'Fish out of water' just trying to be polite to everyone because I had no idea really what was going on except I was like in a "Foreign Country" or something there in the center of the Galaxy. So, most of the Creators I met including the Galactic Sentience (my grandson?) were amazed I had gotten there as a human on earth without dying. So, they seemed to sort of see me as a human being Tarzan from earth or something and very primitive to them because they all had IQs into the millions which is different than people here on earth. We don't live long enough to develop that much IQ yet.

First we would have to live 100s and then 1000s and then millions of years to be like them as humans here on earth.

So, I see part of my goal is to allow some humans to live this long in my present lifetime so we stop making such awful suicidal mistakes as human beings.

So, I asked (my grandson?) to prevent human extinction through Nuclear weapons as that is why I went to the center of the Galaxy as  Soul Pilgrim in the first place, "To ask God to prevent the extinction of all mankind".

(My grandson?) said "yes" I can prevent human extinction as long as he could see through my eyes after that point in 1970.

I did not ask how he was going to accomplish this but you can see in my writings of the past, present and future how he has accomplished all this now and into the future. But, at the time I had no real idea beyond Asking God to save the human race on earth and the earth itself from extinction.

I had witnessed 65 million years ago the extinction of Maldek (the present Asteroid Belt) and I didn't want to see that happen on earth this time so I went to find God in the center of the Galaxy to prevent this and I succeeded.

However, is the Galactic Sentience God? He doesn't think so but many species do who are primitive like ourselves.

I presently believe his point of view is that just because he is immortal and has already lived over 1,000,000 or more years doesn't mean that he knows everything (but he knows a great deal having over a 1,000,000 IQ or more and the capacity to live inside or outside of time and space in multiple forms.

He said he missed hanging out with his grandfather who taught him to lead this galaxy and wanted to spend more time with me because he would learn from seeing through my eyes here on earth.

So, is the Galactic Sentience a God? NO. He doesn't think so but for all intents and purposes he might as well be.

Imagine if Zeus was sleeping and taking incarnations on millions of worlds in the past, present and future and Thor became the Galactic Sentience.

I think this says it all.

By God's Grace

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