Thursday, June 29, 2017

Living to a ripe old age is more about choosing your battles more carefully than anything else

It often seems like life is a series of battles most people might not be prepared for....

But, here is an example of the kinds of battles one has to fight to survive and have their children survive too.

imagine this internal battle.

Do you prioritize your job over your children?

If so, often this reduces your lifespan.


Because if anything happens to your health at any point in your career you not only won't have a job anymore, you won't have a career anymore either unless you own your own business that your spouse, or friend or children can run for you so you have money to live.

So, prioritizing your children over your job works because there are always other jobs but if you fail in raising your children it is your early death you are looking at as well as theirs. Jobs are a dime a dozen (but children and your own businesses are not). But even then, you still have to prioritize your children even over your business even though that is only second to your children.

But, you might say to me, "Where is my spouse in all of this?"

Answer: Yes. you can prioritize your spouse over your job or even over your business but in our society often spouses come and go whereas your children are your children forever.

For example, in my own case I have been married three times and have had one biological child with each wife. I am close to all my children but I am only close as a friend to my first wife. So, because of this my point of view is it is your children you owe your allegiance to the most because they are your future and your wife or wives may not be. Because you never know what is going to happen in life. But, your children are your children (if you raise them right forever). I have now been with my 3rd wife for 23 years time and if we are very lucky we will be married a total of 50 years before we are done.

So, this is something to think about too.

What battles should you fight when in life?

What you choose to fight for will partly decide how long you live in the end.

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