Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Israeli Robots Remake Battlefield

I found this very interesting article at (The Wall Street Journal) about the Israeli robot military vehicles. Since the U.S. now trains more pilots for Predator and other robot aerial drones than it does pilots that actually fly in planes or helicopters one can easily see the direction of warfare now on this planet away from men fighting and toward robots fighting or even more likely robots killing terrorists and criminals.

I think the policeman who arrests young Jim Kirk in the latest Star Trek movie is actually prophetic of what is already coming down the pike in the U.S. and Israeli military. If you listen to the video accompanying the article the man talks about an aerial drone telling a tank like vehicle on the ground who to hit and when and how either vehicle can sense the barrel warmth of a Kalashnikov and if the barrel is warm from shooting either vehicle can eliminate that person instantly.

The ethical problems that will come from this will obviously be nightmarish too. And even more nightmarish the philosophical conundrum, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one sees it did it really happen?" The philosophical answer to this question is "No!"

So, if a programmer or remote pilot shoots something or someone and no one else sees it happen did it really happen? The answer might be "NO" if no one else saw it then it didn't happen. This could really bring some nightmarish ethical problems down on humanity worldwide.

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