Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Military Robots and Ethnic Cleansing

I realized today that we are quickly moving into what I call "Ethnic Cleansing" By military robots. For example, today as we speak Islamic Taliban Terrorist leaders are being ethnically cleansed by military robots. Most of the world either agrees with this policy or doesn't disagree enough to stop it happening. This is a given.

However, because I was trained as a computer programmer in my first major in college I understand exactly what happens when you have a two tiered operating system on present military air, land and sea robotic military operatives. The first operating system is the human driving the system. The second operating system kicks in when a human is disconnected from the operating system for any reason but usually for the same reason your cell phone calls drop sometimes and you lose connection. When the human connection is lost temporarily or permanently the operating system becomes autonomous. In other words it follows its program. If that program says for example, kill all redheads or kill anyone wearing a turban or much more likely kill anyone with a hot Kalashnikov gun muzzle from being fired it kills that parameter and keeps doing that until it runs out of battery, electricity and/or fuel.(which could be depending upon the device anywhere from minutes to hours to days.

Obviously, we are on the brink of a new group of situations on earth. This needs to be addressed by International law relatively quickly because sooner or later just like Darpa became the Internet, likewise robots will be policemen and will be security forces for individuals and corporations etc.

Because this IS coming sooner or later laws need to be enacted now before the whole thing gets completely out of hand. Otherwise, you will get scenarios just like the following hypothetical situation:

A country, say like the Sudan that is primarily an Arab Islamic oil state that doesn't like Animists that is fueled by Oil revenues from China decides that it wants to permanently be free of all animists. So they get a few robotic military land vehicles and extinct as many villages of people as possible. However, when the world hears about this the Sudanese say something like: "Oh. We have an out of control military robot that was experimental. We lost it. We will track it down and destroy it. So then no one is responsible because (theoretically) it is a rogue robot and (who cares?) if it just killed several thousands of men, women and children? Then the Sudanese since they know exactly where it is change the designations and blow up an old military robot that has had all the motors, engines and computer components taken out of it and just continues what it has been doing with the same military robots it was ethnically cleansing all the animists with in the first place.

The problem with all this is that there are no witnesses because any witness is dead. The cameras and video logs can be erased and no one seems to know anything. Using this horrific method most of the uneducated minority masses on earth could be systematically erased from the earth. Laws need to be enacted now to prevent mass extinctions of minority ethnic groups worldwide now before it is too late.

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