Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sensing the Future

I have found it useful in my life to feel ahead in time. It depends upon the person how far ahead in time one should sense for personal safety. If I'm driving a long distance(over 20 minutes) I usually feel forward in time to see if I sense any problems. If I sense a problem I used to (over 20 years ago) visualize a blow torch and the problem would appear as a steel wall in road in the future. I would expend energy watching the blow torch melt through the steel from the acetylene flame. However, that visualization takes a lot of energy. So, I simplified this by simply waiting 5 minutes which changes the timeline if I feel any obstruction like an accident or road hazards that could harm me or anyone in my vehicle. This works really good and is basically effortless. I just sit and talk to someone for 5 minutes or listen to the radio or even meditate while I wait. Often I will see the accident having occurred without me involved or I might even see the car that might have been the problem but I'm okay either way.

Also, I ask any plane or boat or train before I get on it if I and my family or friends will be safe before I board. I have found they always know ahead of time some how.

My strangest experience with this was when my now 13 year old daughter was about 3 years old. We flew to Palm Springs to visit her grandfather who owned a home at Thunderbird on the golf course there. Ex-President Gerald Ford lived nearby. We met a lot of family there and watched them play golf with my wife's father there.

When we flew north to the SF Bay area we were coming into the San Jose Airport and I had asked the plane telepathically if we were going to crash. The plane telepathed "No." So I felt safe to board the plane. However, landing at San Jose Airport in the jet I noticed out the right window there was a plane on our right wing and across the aisle a man noticed there was a plane on the left wing too. Since I'm a pilot as well I knew this really wasn't good because if we came upon a plane in front there was nowhere to go but Up. So when we came upon a private plane flying illegally in a restricted airspace the plane went straight up like a rocket ship and everyone screamed except me because I knew we would be okay. My wife said, "Are we going to die, Fred?" I said, "NO. I asked the plane. We'll be okay." My 3 year old was whooping for joy because she thought it was fun. And the other passengers were screaming and throwing up.

Even though this was the most freaked out I have ever seen a group of passengers on any plane I've ever been on I was calm because I knew we would survive(ahead of time).

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