Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Nearest Heaven

For the last 30 years or so I have prayed for every dying or dead being I have become aware of so that being can immediately go to the nearest heaven. Of all the things I have done in my life this one thing that I do appears to have generated more good will and more good karma in my life than any other single thing that I am aware of presently.

I will share one way to send souls to the nearest heaven quickly and expeditiously and efficiently. I realize all of you have different religions or even no one religion. However, I have found as an intuitive that this works for me, personally.

The Land of Pure Joy, or Sukavati is the nearest heaven known to many enlightened beings. It is my belief that from this heaven all other heavens can be reached. However, first the soul needs to make its way out of the suffering of earth to a land of peace and joy. Then it can be directed to whatever heaven it wants to go to or belongs in.

The Japanese way of invoking a soul into the nearest Heaven, The Land of Pure Joy, is to pray "NAMO AMIDHA BHUTSU" (THE A'S AND I'S ARE SHORT, THE U'S AND O ARE LONG). If this works for you visualize all the souls dying and dead in Haiti going to this nearest heaven. After they make it there then all the heavens they wish to go are belong in will be available to them.

When I was a young soul traveler in my late teens and early twenties God allowed me to look into many heavens. I saw first hand there were Christian Heavens, Buddhist Heavens, and heavens for every religion and even individual heavens for very individualistic or eccentric people. This greatly changed how I saw everything on earth after that. I realized that all beings who treated each other with kindness generally go to heaven and that there are heavens for all religions. So literally, "As a Being thinketh So is the Being" both during life and after death.

So, don't underestimate how important it is when any of us pray for ALL beings to go to the nearest heaven. Don't underestimate just how grateful all these beings are for your help and prayers.

If you are buried and dying now under the rubble in Haiti somewhere wouldn't you want someone praying for you as you drift out in the dark there all alone? Every being human or otherwise needs our prayers as they are dying all over earth all the time. It isn't just Haiti where beings are dying it is all over earth. So if you become aware of a dying or dead being human or otherwise pray for that being. It will lift all beings on earth that you are evolved enough to do this for brother and sister beings.

I have done a Tibetan Buddhist Version of this mantra for thirty years for every being human or otherwise I see dying or dead. Because of my personal success with this prayer I find it very powerful. However, if you want to do the Tibetan Buddhist prayer mantra you have to be initiated by a Tibetan Lama in order to do it so that is why I'm recommending the Japanese Buddhist version for now even though I highly recommend getting the initiation to give the Tibetan Buddhist Mantra as well. It invokes Amitabha Buddha as Sukavati, "The Land of Pure Joy" is his heaven realm. From there, ANY heaven can be reached.

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