Friday, January 29, 2010

The Third Episode of Washington's Vision

When I was raised in the "I Am" Activity which is also the Saint Germain Foundation the third episode of Washington's vision was an important part of the religious ideas of the "I am". It was always a very patriotic religion and then and now dynamic prayers are always given to keep war out of America(The U.S)

The story goes like this:

A man who served with General George Washington at Valley Forge was told this story by General Washington at Valley Forge. Since he was a young man(an aide or adjutant or something like that to the General, he was also a confident of the General.

Washington told the man that an Angel had visited him in his office at Valley Forge. He could not physically move when the angel came to him. The angel said, "Son of the Republic, LOOK and learn!" and then in the air before him like a gigantic flat screen TV in front of Washington was laid out 3 calamities that would befall this nation that Washington was now beginning. The first calamity was obviously the Civil War. The Second Calamity I believe was World War I and World WAr II. The third calamity is what the "I am" Activity has been praying to stop since the 1930s.

In the third episode of Washington's vision the whole world attacks the United States and almost defeats the nation but when almost all hope is lost the people rise up and throw off the invaders. So, praying against this problem is one of the things I was raised to do. Even though I parted ways with the religious organization at age 21 I still worry about this prophesy, especially when I hear Osama tell people to boycott everything made in America to Stop Global Climate Change.

As I boy I couldn't imagine anything that could cause the whole world to turn against the United States. But here we are with the world being angry at us and Europe for Global Climate Change. Whether the world is right or wrong to be angry about this isn't the point. The point is that Europe and the United States have to find a way to survive no matter what comes!

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