Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Yellowstone Caldera

With all the earthquakes lately the whole western hemisphere is kind of spooked. Given that, I thought I still should say what's on my mind. First, I talked to a lady who is an old and gifted psychic friend who said, "The pain of the coming earthquake is so bad I had to have a couple of beers to kill the pain." She is in her 80s and I was surprised this church going kind of lady would be drinking beer. But since she will be 83 soon and because I know personally how physically painful it can be for me, too, before an impending large earthquake I guess I understood. However, the next day when the 6.5 went off in Eureka I felt I needed to say something. Once again, now that the 7.0 went off in Haiti and supposedly killed between 100,000 and 500,000 right out of the gate I feel even more moved to share what I am getting. In a recent article I mentioned that the worst part of the earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are not right now but likely in March of this year because of what I'm picking up I didn't have anything else to go on. However, now whenever I ask inside of God and nature and Earth I get, "Watch out for the Yellowstone Caldera." I also feel simaltaneously something happening around Indonesia as well.

Now, what I hope is that watching the Yellowstone Caldera blow up in the movie "2012" is just spooking my subconscious. But another angle would be that if all the people's subconscious minds who watched 2012 believed that as fact it could also trigger the reality.

There is a statement that has been proved out by all my life experience. "As a man thinketh so is he". Or maybe better said in times of equality, "As any being thinketh so is the being".

So, even another angle of all this would be, No matter what the cause if the Yellowstone Caldera does start moving where would it go?" As I thought about this I thought, "Well. It would move downhill like a river of molten rock. And Downhill from that point likely would be in a Western direction. However, because the prevailing winds would go east any volcanic dust would be deposited in a generally eastern direction.

So, even though all this is speculation at this point, if you feel in your intuition that there is any chance I could be right then you might try to prepare for this eventuality. However, remember I could just as easily be wrong.

I would like to tell you a true story that happened to me regarding foreseeing the Loma Prieto Earthquake in 1989. I took my family to Hawaii to avoid the Earthquake I sensed coming in the correct week it happened. I watched the earthquake on CNN in Hana, Maui, Hawaii. It made me feel sick that there was nothing I could do even though I knew the week it would hit. However, now there is the internet and I can write about my experiences. But sometimes running from an impending earthquake is not the best idea. Sometimes, just getting a kit of food and water in your house and car and warm blankets and sleeping bags ready and keeping your car or truck full of gas might be a better solution that running to Hawaii like I did with my family in 1989.

Two Years later: April 22nd 2012: It is now my belief that most of the stress I was experiencing was released by the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011. Though the 6.8 Earthquake recently in Banda Aceh, Indonesia moved the earth 70 feet laterally which caused earthquakes all around the Ring of Fire including Mexico and off of Oregon things appeared to have settled down at least for now.


Sight Seer said...

If the Yellowstone Calder ever DOES blow, I think we are all in trouble!

Pete M. said...

Hi Fred, this is my first time on your blog. I stumbled on your blog while searching information about the recent yellowstone swarm of earthquakes. Thanks for your insight on the matter! I will try to revisit your blog to read more about what you have to say, because you don't sound like a pretentious person and I think that is a great quality.