Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Usefulness of Visions

If you value instinct and intuition you might be interested in this. If not, you won't.

During my adult life I have surrounded myself mostly with people who are very intuitive. This I have found both very useful at times and very confusing at others. It seems the most useful to me to lead with your intuition while you meet it with your intellect. This seems to me the most useful way to live and to stay alive a long time.

Many people who only lead with their intellect wind up smashed up in expensive cars or dead on drugs or alcohol or commit suicide over society or a lover etc. So being able to have a sense of one's present and future here on earth sometimes keeps one alive through the most difficult parts of one's lives so they can enjoy the good parts later.

So, what I have personally found useful about visions and prophetic dreams over the years is that they often save people's lives, prevent or lessen accidents and generally prevent maiming and the like.

The other thing that I have found useful is that if I or someone else who is an intuitive gets a vision or dream, others who are intuitive often sense the significance or non-significance of that vision or dream and it will trigger useful visions or prophetic dreams in other intuitives that can save other lives and prevent calamities or at least avoid calamities that are about to happen.(You just don't want to be there at all usually when something really bad is going to happen). So, being able to avoid calamities before they happen is the most useful thing in this regard I know of.

In other articles I have written about a vision or visions regarding earthquakes. In regard to earthquakes, while I was in Mt. Shasta I kept seeing like I was under the earth the earth's crust breaking in multiple places underground. Then a skull would be where the break occurred. This happened in at least 3 locations. I got the feeling at the time that this was about future earthquakes but I wasn't given locations.

Since in the past like in the Loma Prieto Earthquake in 1989 I was given only the week of the event several weeks before it occurred. And at first I didn't know whether it was going to be a nuke or an earthquake. Finally, I realized it had to be an earthquake because the probability of a nuke at that location made no sense at all as the epicenter was in the coastal range within 6 to 12 miles of UC Santa Cruz , California at that time.

The original vision was triggered first the day before the Eureka 6.5 quake a very accurate lady intuitive in her 80s told me she was experiencing so much pain from the upcoming quake that she had to have a couple of beers to deaden the pain. Since she is a church going kind of lady this was quite unusual for her so I knew what was coming was going to be bad. So when the 6.5 went off the very next day I wasn't surprised. I also noticed the severe pain in my body went away too as soon as the quake hit.

The worst experience like this I have ever had was around Christmas of 2004 when the earthquake and tsunami killed about 250,000 people in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India and several other places. At that time I felt the heaven realms come closer to earth than ever before and realized a whole lot of people were about to die. I was right. However, before the quake it felt like I was going to die too. But after that quake hit the physical and mental pain left me and when I saw it on CNN live I realized exactly what I had been experiencing the previous 2 to 3 weeks before it hit.

Soon after the 6.5 in Eureka California, the Haiti quake hit and when I looked it up on the USGS site I noticed 4.0s to 5.0s leading from Eureka to Haiti along fault lines.

So, what is the advantage of informing people about all this? I believe I am an early warning system for those of you who are also intuitives like myself. If you, after reading this get visions or intuitions they will guide you and your families and friends to safety before a fatal event can occur.

However, it is also my belief that if it is someone's time to go there might not be any way to stop it. However, it is also my experience that most fatal accidents are optional and can be prevented if someone is intuitive enough.

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