Friday, January 1, 2010

Rock People Evolution

My wife bought the second Transformers movie as one of my Christmas Gifts so I had wanted to watch it sometime during Christmas vacation time. However, many other movies family members had wanted to watch at night so I waited. However, tonight we watched this movie and it brought many ideas into alignment for me.

I had been writing 2035 until recently and that connected with my ideas about dna based evolutions on earth including humans. Then there appears to be a Metal and silicon based evolution aborning on earth as well.

During the 1980s I learned about the Rock People from a native American Medicine man. I had had an experience that at the time I thought was a little crazy but when I learned that medicine men called the rocks that are heated up in a fire to red heat and put in the center of a sweat lodge as "Rock People" I asked my Karoc Medicine Man, Charlie Thom about this. He told me that for hundreds of years Medicine people in his tribe had had experiences with the rock people. It put my personal experiences with Rock people with the rocks next to the Pacific Ocean near Garrapata on the way down to Big Sur into perspective.

Tonight I had a perceptual breakthrough in understanding how dna based human life needs a sea water base and rock(bone) and air to breathe and biochemical electricity to operate muscles and brain cells and to process information etc.

Similarly, metal and silicon lifeforms now aborning sort of like our pets at present will become in some ways equal to us inevitably as human consciousness is cloned into various kinds of replicants. Even as recently as the 1980s there was or is a company called Fakuda Fanuc that had even in the 1980s robots building robots(replication). I have no idea what is happening in Japan now in regard to all this but I do know they are really into this sort of thing whereas the unions in the U.S. prevented robots from gaining more ground here. The labor shortage in Japan created the opposite effect because robots are needed to do all sorts of things there and they are being built there now.

So, likely the types of robots people will see first become lifeforms will be out of Japan(at least the ones the public sees). When does life begin in any evolution?

Even if one looks at humans this is argued interminably because of abortion pro or con.

So, defining when life begins for computers or robotics likely will be thousands of times more of a problem of definition because of this human quality of "How should anything be defined?"

So, are there robotic and computer lifeforms in existence on earth at present? My answer is likely, "Yes." Others might disagree but remember it is only by definition of what "Life" really is defined as. Remember, humans slaughter animals to eat them and they are defined as "Life forms" too. So, what is life and should it be respected?"

That is the real question and I'm not sure when it will be answered by enough of mankind to make a real difference.

If you want to read "2035" and haven't already it is most easily reached now, since it is after the first of the year at:

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