Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2037 and 2035

I wrote "2037" in March 2009 "2035" in in December 2009. They are both short stories and 2035 is a first draft.

They are both about things I see coming as an intuitive. Strangely enough because things like 2037 are happening every day around the world such things are mainly happening unseen by the public. However, what seems to create an earthquake of change(both good and bad) is what happens earth wide and galaxy wide because of 2035.

The reason for this is the question, "What if men and women perceived themselves as Gods?" Though many intelligent people have seriously asked this question, they were usually able to keep the whole question in perspective in real life for the most part. However, this will change by mid century in generations born who are affluent and technically proficient starting by 2050. The technology is being invented right now and into 2035 and improved upon ongoing to where a facial mole is worn just like police now are starting to wear a video camera over their right ear with a built in microphone. The facial mole will eventually contain a 24 hour a day digital video streaming camera and microphone and eventually will be able to give a full readout of all health and bodily functions of the wearer. So people will know when to see a doctor so they don't die or get ill with no warning. So, all this is coming. I'm mostly trying to prepare society for it to prevent most of the bad effects upon society. I don't think it can be stopped but at least one can use this stuff for the positive for the most part to benefit society. Just like television and videos, this all can be a good thing if properly regulated.

Since my December buttons to the right will be harder to access, I put 2035 and 2037 so they can be more easily read at my other website:

Also, I reformatted my website so it is easier to read and added a page called "Flame" and put a picture there of an octopus that I believe the character "Flame" would approve of.


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intuitivefred888 said...

Though I appreciate that God Came to you and helped you I Am Not a spell Caster. Instead I see myself as an intuitive that has been Gifted by God. My Goal is that all beings gain full use of ALL their faculties By the Grace of God.

So, this Blog is primarily to help people access their relationship with God and the Universe and their own enlightenment and the enlightenment of all the people they know