Thursday, December 3, 2009

On a Planet I Remember

Most of the things I was taught to believe as a child I have found either not to be true or so different that there is no useful comparison. For example, I have found that time and space and planets are completely different things than most people realize. Even defining humans as individuals with distinct looks, personalities and ideas isn't necessarily useful in very many contexts. Planets, stars and galaxies I have found are not dead lifeless things but very alive and even conscious like all animals and humans are on earth. However, most people just aren't trained to communicate with them.

So, today I had a very odd experience. I was going to a movie called "Old Dogs" because I have always been a fan of Travolta and Williams and because they both lived through the 1970s and onward as adults and they are around 10 years or so younger than I.

So, as I walked through the lobby there was a 3d representation of Avatar, the movie with people with blue skin and gold irises and I remembered a life similar to this and of being incarnated as a being similar to this. I found it very strange so I stood up close and looked deep into the 3d picture and let the memories flood back to me.

My species when I incarnated in that form was on another planet than Earth and was between 900,000 years to 1,000,000 years into the future and we were related to present day humans but about 1,000,000 years had passed of Earth humans colonizing many different planets. At that time the location of Earth wasn't known because of Galactic Changes and planetary wars. But we had museums of stuff from the next 1000 years of Earth's history from now because they were some of our ancestors.

The eyes looked exactly like in the 3d poster but the skin was a different hue of lavender or violet and the tongue was long from living underwater and we were amphibians in that we could breathe water or air. We had been genetically modified to live on a water planet that didn't have anything but oceans and a few small islands at first. Adults had 9 inch long tongues that could clean ears, eyes or nose or even face if one wasn't in the water and if one was in the water sometimes the tongue was used to push seaweed out of the way if one was near the surface. Just like people have pierced ears we, who lived part of the year in the ocean had pierced tongues that we sometimes put a hook in for underwater fishing. We stood still and our tongues moving in the current attracted edible fish.

However, since many of our ancestors came from Earth during the next 1000 years we looked a lot like people of today on Earth. Others of our ancestors came from Atlantis and Lemuria and Mu when those three civilizations before our present one also colonized planets. So, eventually we interbred with previous Earth based humanoids who were also descended from Earth born stock.

I found it a very strange experience to be drawn back into these memories. Just like the Chinese say, "One picture is worth a thousand words."

I started writing about "Arcane" who was a member of his Priest Scientist class of his planet New Deva in 1980 while I lived in the little city of Mt. Shasta in California near the Oregon border on Interstate 5. At the time I thought I was just writing therapeutic science fiction that I felt healed by writing as it seemed to heal me as I wrote it. However, I didn't fully realize that it was a past life of mine until I almost died in 1998. Then I realized that a lot of the issues that Arcane was dealing with I am still dealing with in my present lifetimes on Earth that I was dealing with on New Deva 900,000 or more years into the future.

If you want to read about Arcane, a Dragon of Compassion from the planet New Deva go to:

then click on memories. There are 11 parts divided up into 7 locations at the site. It is an easy read of about 125 typewritten pages. I have shorter sequels on some of the beings in the book also at this website that you will recognize after reading "Memories" if you are interested. Like I said I didn't fully realize this was about past lives and a future life of mine until 1998 when I almost died and my senses refined to stay alive. I hope you are entertained or enlightened by this book and short sequels or hopefully both. I don't like editing but I love writing so please pardon my editing. If you are a writer you know it takes 5 to 10 times longer or more to edit than to write and unless you are getting paid to do it(which I'm not) the motivation to spend that much time editing just isn't there. However, I spent at least 100 hours editing "Memories" and I'm still not done now. Like I said I love to write. I find it very healing and life extending. The more I write the healthier I am and the longer I live. Blessings

note: on December 20th 2009 I saw Avatar. Even though the eyes and skin look a lot like the planet I remember living on, on the planet I lived on when I was incarnated in the future of a race descended from today's and future Earthlings, we were different because unlike this race we lived mostly underwater and had only lived about 10,000 years or more on this planet when I was born there. Islands had been terraformed by dredging up undersea sand and rocks and causing controlled eruptions to bring lava to the surface to create large Islands like the Hawaiian Islands of today on Earth. The eyes looked exactly the same. The nose was completely different and was genetically designed for under the ocean as well as our eyes and our neck gills. We were amphibians who looked mostly like today's humans except for our eyes which like a cats could see in the dark but still looked like a humans like the Nabi in Avatar.

I presently believe James Cameron might have actually lived as a member of the Nabi, just like the Star Wars movie is also a legendary account of George Lucas' past life experience. That is why movies like this are so very powerful. They are past life real experiences of the authors. I cannot know whether these experiences were actually lived in the past, present or future or even in this Galaxy, however. I only know the probability that these are past lives is likely somewhere between 80% to 90%. The reason people would be so drawn to these movies would be soul memory or DNA memory of having known about this or read about this or even lived this in another lifetime.

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