Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Climate Debate and Pragmatism

These are my thoughts on climate debate:

There is what educated and rich nations want to do and then what they actually will do while trying to economically compete for economic survival with each other. Then there are 2nd world countries that don't have the resources of the first world countries that will want some of their efforts to be paid for by 1st world countries. Then there are the 3rd world countries that are ONLY trying to just keep their citizens alive without revolting and causing major bloodshed where starvation is normal for most citizens.

When most people start thinking about climate change they seem to assume all people and all countries are rich enough to actually make a difference. The sad truth is that only with about 500 million or less people on earth would there ACTUALLY be a real difference that might save future generations from unbelievable suffering when the north pole and then the south pole melt out first during the summers and eventually stay melted out most of the year and then finally when the north pole doesn't freeze and doesn't snow. This looks like the future. Trying to make a difference may give us all hope but it might not change the future very much. But I think people should still try. Maybe someone can figure out a useful answer that actually might work. The human race has always thrived on hope. It's why some of us always made it through anything that happened the last 40,000 to 1,000,000 or more years already.

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