Saturday, December 5, 2009

Future Survival

The primary reason I write since I almost died in 1998 is that I would like the human race to survive beyond the next 1000 years or so. It is not fun seeing the future like I do most of the time. When I was 17 down to about 15 years of age I would walk by someone and know when they would pass on. This really freaked me out and sometimes made me throw up when they actually died when I sensed they would. So being a precognitive psychic is not the fun thing most of you might think. However, I would say it is at times very useful but it took until I was about 30 to even start to feel comfortable with all I was aware of. Since I am genetically like many on Earth I don't think I'm that unusual except that since I almost died I am relatively fearless about what I write specifically because I came so very close to death it no longer has a sting for me. Therefore I do not fear it. Therefore I can speak truth more than anyone you might have ever met before in your life. I do this hopefully that the human race does not go extinct the way it presently appears it is going within about 1000 years.

By telling you what I see I believe that all the people on earth with gifts like mine can make enough difference to prevent human extinction along with those of you that sense the truth about what people like myself say. We and our children will know what is coming soon enough to survive it and we will adapt to whatever comes for the sake of our children born and unborn and for the sake of the ongoing survival of the human race on Earth and Beyond Earth.

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susan gale said...

well, you also know the good things that will happen, but they do not affect you as much, so you probably do not pay as much attention! Everyone has gifts, just many in the western culture do not pay attention to them and so they fade from lack of use. In other cultures they are a way of life.

I appreciate your words!