Friday, December 4, 2009

Soul Traveler 12-09

Whether you take this as fictional and only as an attempt at entertainment or whether you take this as completely factual, either point of view could be useful to you.

Since I have been consciously soul traveling around this galaxy and others since my late teens I have something to say that may or may not be useful to you.

First of all, this planet is a Galactic Protectorate. The best way to describe what this means is that the Galactic Government sees this planet a lot like you would a teenager between 13 and 15 years of age as an entire planet. If some of them get cynical it is to describe Earth as "Lord of the Flies" if you have seen either the book or the movie. This is a good starting place to understand what is actually going on.

There is also what I would call the "Sink or swim" rule of planets. And paraphrased it goes something like this. "Though ours and other planets like ours are not allowed to nuke ourselves out of existence (ours has been brought back from nuking about 50 or more times since World War II already), we are allowed to raise the carbon dioxide levels to where all humans on earth die. ( This has happened several times before to humanoids on earth). To the Galaxy this is called paraphrased, "If you don't have your act together, we don't save you, you simply die". This is considered "normal" within planetary cultures who haven't made public formal agreements with the Galactic Government (hidden agreements like are now in place with all nations in the United Nations don't count).

Also, most governments now in existence on earth don't feel it is in their best interests to publicly reveal secret agreements with Earth Governments made with the Galactic Government because their people might overthrow them if they find out the agreements that have been in existence between 50 and 100 years now with many if not most Earth Governments.

Because of all this, the likelihood of being rescued by UFOS to prevent the extinction or near extinction of humankind on Earth is about nil.

Understanding all this is a very good beginning to taking responsibility as a human race to make sure some of us (at least) survive what is coming the next 1000 years and beyond.

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