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Chapter 3 Flash Forward to 2035

Chapter 3 Flash forward to 2035

At this time, Lilu, Pearl and Silver all live in the New York Penthouse with Silver.
Both Rex and Pearl are now 64. Since Lilu is 8 years older than Silver, she is now 43 and their two children , a girl and a boy are 17 and 15 years of age respectively. Silver had children very young as you can see. Silver sees himself as two different people. One person lives in a virtual reality and is raising a family that he can relate to (at least his wife and kids) and the other is when he visits his Dad on his Ranch in Wyoming. Rex spends more and more time there but visits every few weeks to a month with his family in New York as well. Yes. Rex survived okay once he brought his son to Wyoming and introduced him to the healthy country part of his family heritage. In Rex's and Silver's family, Wyoming was a place to ride horses, hike climb, play and recreate, and New York was a place to work and do business and go to Broadway Plays and fine restaurants. So, this was what New York became for Silver when he and Lilu returned. Likewise, he and Lilu and the kids went to Wyoming to the family ranch whenever the kids weren't in school and Silver didn't have some kind of business deadline that he couldn't take care of online at a distance.

Nada had been born when Silver was 18 and Bob had been born when Silver was 20. Lilu had been 26 when Nada was born and 28 when Bob was born. The Grandparents were Rex and Pearl, the parents had been Silver and Lilu, and now the children are Nada and Bob, The names of the four "children" in "The Magic Presence", the book.

So, one might think that the Great Grandparents names must have been Rex and Pearl also. One would be right.

However, Lilu is still two people: the Goddess and the nurse and now the mother(which also aligns well with both Goddess and nurse. And Silver was two people(at least) now the agoraphobic Manhattan Penthouse Genius and a mountain climbing Wyoming cowboy.(Very eccentric). He still asked to be medicated between JFK Airport and the Manhattan Penthouse. And when he talked about Wyoming it was as if he was talking about another planet. It was as different a description as the Nabi were to the soldiers of Earth, though in a different way.

Though Lilu and Silver love their children and tried very hard not to make the mistakes of their parents, two and two don't make four they sort of make 8.

So, the children Nada and Bob have come to see their parents as both very rich and very eccentric people. Their father couldn't have been more intelligent creative and unusual if he were Michael Jackson and Lilu, their mother couldn't have been more beautiful and Goddess like if she were Elizabeth Taylor when she was Lilu's present age, 43.

More later.

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