Sunday, December 6, 2009

a Bigger Threat than Nuclear War

The problem is a much bigger threat than nuclear war because it leads to the extinction of all life on earth eventually if left unchecked. Global climate change is the threat and a good way to explain the problem for mankind can be explained in a story about cooking a live lobster.

If you put a Lobster in boiling water he would just jump out, no questions asked. In regard to nuclear war mankind is that lobster. But if we that same lobster are put in cold or every day temperature water and then if over 500 years the water is slowly brought up to boiling we may not act fast enough at any point to save ourselves because there will ALWAYS be those who say, "I'm making money they way things are. I will kill you or muzzle you if you interfere with that in any way!" They may not be bad people just people who like things the way they are because they can make money to feed their families and they will do or say ANYTHING to keep things the way they are.

The problem with this is if you actually go north you will see Eskimo homes built on melting permafrost falling into the ocean. These are houses many times built within the last 20 years or before. 20 years ago there was no Global climate change and these Eskimo families couldn't have imagined what has happened the last 10 years nor will they be able to imagine the changes the next 10 years will bring.

There are polar bears starving to death all over the place in the north. The only way they likely will survive is if some of them interbreed with Grizzlies as some of them are doing already and make Grolar bears.

There are islands in the Pacific that people have lived on for hundreds and thousands of years that are being abandoned one by one as the ocean rises. In Bangladesh more and more people die in Hurricanes every time there is one because of the closeness to water that much of Bangladesh is. New Orleans happened to us but there are New Orleans type of events happening all around the world ongoing.

Last year was colder in the United States but that wasn't true in most of the rest of the world. In most of the world it was the hottest it has ever been. So even if some people can hide their heads in the sand and disbelieve all the evidence for as long as it helps their pocketbooks, they rest of the world, especially 2nd and 3rd world nations are slowly being harmed by all the changes.

Yes. If you are still making money and don't want it to change you can pretend it isn't happening but how long will it be before you allow yourself to see the real truth and all the harm you are causing and all the deaths you are causing worldwide to believe still that Global Climate change isn't happening?

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