Monday, December 21, 2009

Righting old wrongs

Many countries on earth Blame the U.S., North America and Europe for most of the climate change issues. However, right now, to clearly look at this, this is not the point or question.

The real question is: Will even one human being on earth survive this?

That is the question of the hour. If all we do is to foster blame on each other regarding how we got here, then we are all children playing a silly game while our ship sinks.

What is more important is the sinking ship and whether any of us survive or to slide into recrimination where no one survives. To slide into blame and recrimination does not allow any of us to survive.

For anyone to survive this, we must all focus on at least some of us surviving this. Now is not a time for blame. To do that only kills everyone eventually within 500 years. I'm speaking as an intuitive. If the car or bus we are all in is traveling toward a brick or cement wall, arguing only kills everyone. ONLY by putting the brakes on or turning the car or bus saves ANY or ALL of us.

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