Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Microfinance for The U.S.

One of the things our government talks about is that Banks will not loan money to small businesses. However, if you look back at people like Steve Jobs and Wozniak and also Bill Gates, you remember(if you were alive as long as I) that each of them basically started in a home garage or rented small garage or small office space.

To begin a cottage industry kind of beginning to a business, often one only needs from $1000 to $5000 to begin such a venture. I advocate that all regions of the country form Micro finance CO-Ops where people who still have money can pool small loans to prospective cottage industry small businesses. For every ten of these businesses that succeeds, one of them might become a million dollar operation within a few years per year. This is just the nature of small businesses. So, the important thing is that enough American Patriots get together as regional mentors to foster new cottage industry growth of either mail order, Internet order, or small manufacturing that can often be done in rural or in some cities and suburbs legally in a garage or small rented facility. By limiting start up loans to $1000 to $5000 one limits potential loss and liability and does what Banks are failing to do.

For example, a credit Union, or Union Credit Union might do something like this for out of work union members so they won't starve during this downturn.

I used to belong to an honest business Group out of UC Berkeley, called Briarpatch. We were always very interested in new entrepreneurs getting started and finding ways to help them through the first few years. I think this same cottage industry approach to business is just what America needs right now while Banks are comatose like Japan Still. Someone has to help the new businesses get started. This is grass roots pull yourself up by your bootstraps approach to the problem.

Micro finance has saved thousands of families around the world. It's time it saves some Americans from Starvation too while starting from the grassroots a few new businesses like microsoft and Apple to be here in the future for all of us like these two businesses have been worldwide since the 1980s.

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