Thursday, December 17, 2009

video hacked predator Drones

The problem of ALL weapons including nuclear, potentially time travel, and even predator drones is that sooner or later your enemy has one too. The first step in this is being observed now with the Predator drones(there are now thousands of them in existence).

There is recorded evidence of video hacking being done to the Predator Video Feeds. The same technology that allows illegal video and music hacking and downloading from Russia
is being used by Iran and whoever they give it to to in real time observe what predator drones see through their cameras. So, the Taliban and Osama are simply looking at where the Predators are looking and observing and making plans according to what it is Predators are observing at that moment or day or week.

It has been this way ever since weapons of any kind have existed. If you threw rocks your enemy would soon learn to throw rocks. If you had a bow and arrow, soon your enemy would have bows and arrows. If you had a cannon, forget castles, because with a cannon a castle is completely useless. And if you have good bows and arrows most Armor isn't any good anymore either because there are always chinks in any armor.

So, this progression of events really isn't good because what if a Predator gets into the wrong hands and targets a very important world leader? This is a real problem that all Free nations have to think about.

If robotic types of planes, rockets etc. get into the wrong hands the consequences to the civilized world could be as serious as 9/11 or even moreso. For example, imagine a Predator Drone with a nuclear tipped hellfire missile in the wrong hands or even a nuclear armed Predator flown into an important building. This isn't a happy scenario for any free world government.

When one is dealing with nations this likely would be less of a problem because if any nation eliminated a world leader that nation would just get flattened. But with Terrorists there is NO accountability and almost anything could and would happen.

This could be a real problem. So precautions need to be taken now so it doesn't ever get this bad.

Note: It also says that no American or Coalition soldiers lives have been jeapordized by these video feeds. Though that may be the formal statement from the Pentagon I find it through common sense that that is highly unlikely that it is actually completely true. However, it is important to note that our military has known about this loose cannon video feed being obtained by Iran, the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden and whoever else is watching and listening to these video feeds.

But because of the cloak and dagger nature of secret knowledges and operations saying that no American soldiers or coalition soldiers were jeapordized is probably the most useful thing to say even if in reality it might not be 100% true.

Quote from webpage at top of this article:
"In fact, in the Balkans, people with any satellite dish were able to intercept the communications from these systems, and watch special operations raids in Bosnia while sitting in their home," he said.

Another quote from same article:
While the CIA has never publicly acknowledged it, the agency operates the unmanned planes in Pakistan, where it has used drones to strike at Taliban and al Qaeda operatives, according to officials familiar with the strategy. But a U.S. official with knowledge of CIA and military UAV missions told CNN the drones used in Pakistan missions use encrypted feeds and are not vulnerable to hacking like the military drones used in Iraq. end quote.

If I'm reading this right the CIA Predator drones in Pakistan are protecting Pakistani Soldiers from being killed or injured by preventing the video feeds to be obtained there through encryption but coalition soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are not being equally protected. I bet all Predator's video feeds are encrypted within the next 2 years to protect all Free world soldiers too.

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